Friday, August 2, 2013

"Barack Can't Do It Alone"

That’s Obama’s next campaign, trying to recruit more morons to help him fleece the rest of us. For my part, he’d doing a GOOD job of ripping us off, and he’s NOT “alone.” He has a full complement of morons helping him. I call them his “gang of thieves.” He’s even trying to recruit my grandson. I can tell by his mail. But I’m keeping him well informed. I just hope he’s listening to me, not them.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: I can’t believe I saw a “Fox News Contributor” actually ADMIT she was a believer in “Keynsian Economics” and continued to say “We can’t cut our way to progress.” She’s right. If your definition of “progress” is “progressivism, which is just another word for communism or socialism. You CANNOT “spend your way to economic success, either.” That’s a STUPID notion on the face of it. Apparently she’s not smart enough to know that. We CAN “cut our way to economic success.” The government needs to STOP spending more money than there IS.

HIS LIFE IS OVER: In one way, I feel sorry for the engineer of that train in Spain that derailed, causing 79 deaths, even though it was his fault. He is being charged with 79 “involuntary manslaughter charges.” That will mean he will be in prison for the rest of his life while his conscience tears him apart. There are actually 80 “victims” here. He is one. I don’t know why he went through that curve so fast, but he “ended” his own life when he did it.

POLITICIANS COULDN’T CARE LESS: They don’t care w whit about what you think. Anthony Weiner (the “weenie wagger”) told a voter he didn’t care about her vote, he was after other people’s votes. Another NY politician who lost his job due to a sex scandal says he won’t vote for Weiner. (Who cares?) Both are now running for yet another office and AREN’T losing. Another sex scandal is looming for yet another one while Obama does many “in your face actions,” calling his scandals “phony scandals.” Does he really think we believe that? Probably. He’s that stupid.

WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG? We’re still looking for answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya, almost a year ago where he president’s PERSONAL representative there was brutally murdered while his cronies watched, in real time. And the president blissfully slept, “recharging his batteries” for his fund-raising trip the next day. Why did he (and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton) tell people who were READY to move in and stop the attack to “stand down?” And why has he lied to the country about the very CAUSE of the attack while putting “roadblocks” in the way of any investigation? This, alone, should get him REMOVED from office. But it probably won't, with all his accomplices in Washington.

RECIPE FOR FAILURE: Appoint a fool to head an important government post.; then repeat. Obama has followed that recipe perfectly ever since he was elected the first time. His latest stupid nominee (I don’t think he has even nominated her yet, but he will, the more he sees we won’t like it) is Sheila Jackson Lee. Every time this woman opens her mouth she displays her stupidity. Not ignorance: that’s simply lack of information. It’s already being run by a stupid woman, but Sheila is worse;if you can judge the severity of stupid..

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