Friday, August 9, 2013

Chicago Reducing Gun Violence

Not by making laws against honest people carrying guns for self-defense; by sending out a lot more cops with their own guns. Making anti-gun laws didn’t work, because criminals never obey laws. But they DO obey a bullet in the gut. How do you reduce gun violence? Send in people with guns to kill or imprison the criminals who are using their illegally-obtained guns to kill innocent people who have no guns, due to misguided laws preventing them from being armed in self-defense.

No matter what; is what Obama says. He thinks his new law will FORCE insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions (which is a recipe for bankruptcy) and to provide them with other expensive things their people advise them is STUPID to provide them with. He didn’t think about those companies just getting out of the market. There’s no law against quitting (which he will take care of soon) and that’s what they’re doing. Aetna and several other companies have already done it.

HEALTH CARE LAW FOOLISHNESS: The very basic premise on which Obama’s health care swindle law was based is STUPID. What makes him think that making a law will make people who CAN’T AFFORD IT buy insurance? What part of “can’t afford it” doesn’t he understand? All of it, most likely; or he just doesn’t care. He CLAIMS he has “solved our health care problem” with this law. He is deluding himself (which, apparently isn’t hard to do).

USE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES: Many athletes are being suspended from their sport for using “banned substances” to enhance their abilities on the field. They’re being vilified for doing that. But think about this: with all their competitors doing it, they think they have to do it in order to be competitive. You don’t give up your competitiveness while your opponents do not. It just isn’t wise. This reveals a bigger problem: how do you stop their COMPETITORS from doing it so they don’t have to do it to compete?

LAZY CONGRESS? New York Mayor Bloomberg excoriates Congress for being “lazy” for not passing stupid gun laws. But is it “laziness?” Not likely. It’s common sense. Something that is not shown much in Congress, to be sure. Not passing bad la is NOT “laziness,” no matter how much this stupid fool thinks it is. It’s time we (not me) stopped electing such fools to important offices where they get a platform for their fool policies.

“REDUCTION IN STAFFNG”: Embassy staff in Yemen have been hastily airlifted to safe air bases after “terrorist chatter” indicated their embassies would be attacked. A “State Department spokeswoman” (Obama’s designated liar) told us that in a news conference. What makes him think we believe that crap? They’re RUNNING! Our government is “on the run” from the “terrorist threat!” Obama doesn’t know HOW to “take it to the terrorists” and he’s getting his people out of there, leaving others to be killed.

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