Monday, August 26, 2013

Lying Again and Again

Obama said his Obamacare money would NOT go to ANY organization that supported abortion. So he gives MILLIONS to Planned Parenthood, the biggest infant-murdering outfit in the nation to promote his swindle. Will any of that money go to fund abortions? YES! Obama says it won’t. He’s an inveterate LIAR. Do you believe him? Not a bit. The biggest murder mill in the country is getting millions of dollars they SAY they won’t spend on killing babies. Money is fungible; know what that means? It means the more you get, the easiest it is to spend what you HAVE on what you WANT. Yes, he’s lied to us again and babies will die.

COLLECTIVISM IS THE ENEMY: It always has been. If you examine every dictatorship that ever happened, collectivism (under many names to fool us) is at the bottom. It is STILL at the bottom. Today they call it “progressivism.” That’s a name they used before, but its meaning has been forgotten so they use it again. Collectivism has never worked, but it gave a few people much power; which is why they promote it. Collectivism was behind the 75 year Russian fiasco (recently collapsed in favor of a different kind of collectivism).

ASSAD USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS: So what? He’s only killing Islamic extremists. He’s just saving us the trouble of killing them when they come here to kill us. I think this government should not spend a single penny to intervene between two Islamic factions. Let them fight amongst themselves. Less work for us. Obama should make a plain statement that’s what he’s doing and just get out of the Syrian Islamic war.

TYPICAL TWISTING BY MEDIA: That famous picture of Will smith’s family looking nonplussed, and connected to the story about Miley Curyus giving the crowd a “box shot” was not taken because of Miley Cyrus at all. It was taken at another concert featuring another performer altogether.  Took you in, didn’t it?

TRUMP’S POLITICAL EXTORTION: The State of New York is trying to extort money out of Donald Trump; you know, the same way the feds extorted money out of Bill Gates. New York Attorney General got $12,500.00 from Trump in the last election, but apparently that wasn’t enough. He’s suing trump for $40 million, but will probably drop the suit if Trump comes up with some more money. That’s a hard thing to say abut a politician, but in view of the rampant corruption among politicians, especially in New York, it’s not unexpected.

OBAMA FLAG COMES BACK: Remember that American flag with Obama’s picture on the blue field that is supposed to carry the stars? It’s baaaaacccccckkkkk! They’re carrying it in the liberal “March on Washington.” Of course, this illustrates the complete disregard for respect for the flag shown by that. Not only putting someone’s picture on it, but the fact that that picture is of a fool who is destroying this country just adds to the insult. Did anybody put Bush’s face on a flag? Clinton? Reagan? Not even! Only fools who idolize that fool in the white House!

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