Friday, August 30, 2013

Cass Sunstein Watching NSA?

How STUPID is that? It’s like assigning the fox to watch the hen house. But then, that’s what Obama wants. He can tell us he assigned somebody to “watch” the NSA and their spying on all Americans, without telling us the person who is “watching’ them is the worst domestic spy out there. Does he really think we’re too stupid to realize this? If he does, he’s too stupid to be president. But then, we knew that, already.

COPS ARREST MAN IN MURDER OF 99-YEAR-OLD WOMAN: And guess what? He’s a black man only 20 years old. An “innocent child,” according to liberals in the media. Like Trayvon. But this guy brutally murdered this woman. Is he still an “innocent child?” I don’t think so. He is doing exactly what Obama wants him to do and is giving people an excuse to start a “race war,” which is what Obama wants, so he can use it to make “rules” he could not make otherwise. He’ll call me a racist for reporting this, but I don’t give a damn about ANYTHING he, or his thugs say about me. They don’t count for anything

WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT BENGHAZI? That’s what Hillary and the Obama thugs can’t understand. They think they can ignore four embassy people being MURDERED in an attack on out embassy in a foreign country while they LIE about it for weeks. They have NEVER answered our questions about it and wonder why we get so upset. They go right on as if nothing happened, call our concerns “phony scandals,” and put one of the perpetrators up for president in the next election. These people are FOOLS and they think WE are fools, too. But we aren’t. We’re “onto them” and they WILL be “brought to justice” one day.

MAKING TRAYVON INTO A MARTYR: A local thug who is KNOWN to have broken into several homes, who was on his way home with the makings to create some drugs for himself, got mad when he saw a “white man” (their definition for a Hispanic whose skin it light) watching him. So he “laid for” him and started beating the hell out of him, threatening to beat him to death. (Remember, this “innocent kid” had hand-to-hand combat training). So the guy shot him to save his own life and the young thug died. So now liberal politicians (specifically Andrew Young, former United Nations ambassador and others) are trying to make him into a martyr to the “cause.” They use whatever they can. If he’s anything, it’s not a martyr.

A POSITIVE TRUTH: Found on “Free Republic:” Islamic terrorists make martyrs out of their thugs, too. It tells you a lot about people when they tell you who their heroes are.” I don’t usually like to go to places like the “Free Republic” because most of it is simply individual response to the news with no verification. But this is a basic truth and should be spread far and wide.

BOXER WANTS $10 HR. MINIMUM WAGE: Does she really want to price just about ALL kids with no skills out of the labor market? That’s what will happen if politicians are fools enough to do that. They’ve almost done it with their current minimum wage. Business can only afford to pay so much for kids with no talents or abilities who do things requiring no talents or abilities. If they’re required to pay them that much, their jobs will just go away. Can’t she understand that? Of course not. She's a liberal, which is synonymous with stupid.

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