Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Bad to Worse

Remember that rodeo clown who got in trouble when his announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see him (Obama) run over by a bull? Now he wants to shake Obama’s hand. What for? Does he want to shake it off? That’s what I’d do if I could bring myself to touch that “dead fish: attached to Obama’s arm. Damn, some people are really stupid!

OBAMA TO SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT? Obama is saying the Republicans are going to “shut down the government to defund his health care swindle law. That’s a LIE! But that’s not unusual, he lies every day about something. He lies before he breathes. Sometimes INSTEAD of breathing. The truth is, there’s only ONE PERSON who can “shut down the government,” and that’s OBAMA. He can’t blame that on somebody else. But he'll try.

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Obama is ready to go to war in Syria. So I guess we’re going to “take a hand” in somebody else’s war—again—after liberals all over criticized Bush for attacking Iraq because it was a “safe haven” for terrorists. Why the hell do we keep getting involved in wars between Muslims? I still think we should stand back and let them kill each other. This time even if they use chemical weapons on each other. That means less of them to kill when they come here to kill us.

HILLARY CLINTON IS A FELON: She lied to Congress, just as her husband did, but to cover up MURDER instead of oral sex (I think). She needs to be found guilty by Congress and imprisoned. Not put up to run for president. The current president lies more and better than Bill Clinton did, and the media marveled at how well HE lied. Washington is FILLED with criminals, and I’m not just talking about Marion Barry, Anthony Wiener (and his wiener), Obama, and the other congressmen who have (collaborated with him) and violated the law by the laws they have made without reading them.

IS OBAMA BEHIND THE ATTACK ON TRUMP? Word is the state “Attorney General” who instituted the suit against Donald Trump did it right after being a visitor to the white House. Which pretty much tells me Obama instigated the suit, no matter whose name is on it. Obama does many things “behind the scenes” and blames it on others. He’ll probably come out “against” this suit and say he’ll do what he can to stop it while sitting on his butt.

RODEO CLOWN GETS DEATH THREATS: That rodeo clown who appeared wearing an Obama mask has now received many death threats. One guy even tried to burn down his house. Which just shows how “thin-skinned:” Obama wussies are. This clown has been doing this same bit through many presidents with no “outcry.” But one performance with an Obama mask gets him death threats and being BANNED from rodeos all over. And it isn’t even his fault! The fault, if any, lies with the ANNOUNCER, who is the one who suggested to the crowd that they might want to see him run over by a bull. But we don’t know who that announcer is, and probably never will.

YES, MILEY CYRUS IS SEXY: And she has a nice body, of which there is no doubt. We’ve now seen it all. So why is this making so much news? Because Obama’s wussies are pushing it—HARD—to keep our minds off his crimes. This is what he DOES. Exploit things like this vixen’s showing her butt to keep us occupied “behind the scenes.” Like a magician keeping our attention on one hand while the other does the trick.

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