Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obama Sends Syria $195 Million

He SAYS it’s for the rebels, but he KNOWS the rebels include Islamic terrorists, so those Islamic terrorists ARE going to get their hands on a large chunk of that money (to buy bombs and other arms to use elsewhere on us); taxpayer money we don’t have, after Obama spent more money than there IS. If that doesn’t prove his PRO-Islam sympathies, I don’t know what would; even if he does deny it, even while signing the check.

MONEY TO “STUDY GLOBAL WARMING IN GUATAMALA: Intelligent people know global warming is a swindle that has made AlGore a billionaire. They know that the globe warms and cools cyclically and has done so since its beginning, and that nothing man does can alter that. Yet Obama just spent $78,000 to study global warming in 1st CENTURY GUATAMALA! More taxpayer money thrown down the global warming hole.

TERRORISTS AMUSED: And they have every right to be. They terrorized Obama so much he ordered 19 embassies closed in fear of them. He’ll say no, but it’s obvious to intelligent people that’s what he did. Unintelligent people like Islamic terrorists, too. Obama needs to take the advice of some of his advisers that he’s been ignoring. I’m sure there are SOME intelligent people in his administration, even if they’re “left over” from the Bush bunch.

CAN’T ARGUE WITH A FOOL: I got in a disagreement the other day (on Facebook) with a woman that centered on drinking. It wasn’t about drinking, but she missed the point entirely and argued about drinking, not the discussion over her PRIORITIES in spending so much time arguing about drinking while ignoring Obama’s looting of her and the rest of the country. As usual, you can’t argue with a fool. She finally just called me an ass and “unfriended” me. You can always tell when you win. They call you names, and go away.

MEDIA LIES BY OMISSION: They promote the MYTH that there have been hundreds of thousands of new jobs “created” (part-time jobs) without mentioning that they REPLACED hundreds of thousands of FULL TIME JOBS. This is the kind of misinformation and DISinformation the medic feeds us every day. Which is the reason I no longer read ANY newspapers and don’t watch ANY liberal media. They belittle Fox, but so far, that’s the ONLY place to see BOTH SIDES of any issue that’s news.

MEDIA BLACK HOLE: They did a survey in England about what laws Britons would most like repealed. High on the list was the 1996 gun ban  which increased violent crime considerably. But you won’t read about it in America’s liberal media; it doesn’t help advance their agenda. Which further increases their lack of credibility about anything.

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