Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Not Race-Based?"

The DA covering the killing of that Australian baseball player says it is  “not race-based,” in spite of the evidence it was. What is this guy SMOKING? What kind of “evidence” does he NEED? It is fools like this that are going to CAUSE a “race war” in this country. Him and other fools such as Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Together they are making a race war inevitable by “whipping up” as much racism as they can.

THEY TRIED IT AGAIN: Rush Limbaugh was engaged in routine contract discussions with his syndicators. Such discussions happen periodically. They’re routine. Liberals jumped on these discussions and said, “Limbaugh is finished.” He is not. They lied again. In fact, he just signed a new THREE-YEAR contract. Does anybody think the liberals will acknowledge that and apologize? I don’t THINK so. They’ll just go right on to the next lie as if nothing happened.

WE’RE NOT GONNA HELP HIM: Manning wants to be a woman, and he wants us to foot the bill for his sex change. It ain’t agonna happen. If he wants to act like a woman, I’m sure there are many inmates at Leavenworth who will be happy to make him FEEL like a woman. They’ll even knock his front teeth out so he can’t bite when they shove something in there. What this has to do with leaking top-secret information, I don’t know.

COURT SAYS YOU GOTTA CARE: We used to be able to make our own decisions about whether or not we will accept people in spite of our moral values. No more. The PC Police now say we HAVE TO serve people, even if we don’t agree with their moral values. This photographer, who refused to photograph a wedding between two people of the same sex has been told by the court that he MUST do it, whether or not he wishes to do so. Just as when I was a sign painter I could not refuse to paint a sign for a pot clinic if I didn’t believe in pot smoking. By rights, this person has the right to refuse to do business with ANYONE, for any reason, or NO reason. But the PC Police and the court doen’t agree. I’ll get some mail for this, but who cares?

SAN DIEGO MAYOR RESIGNS: But he blames his critics. He says the “charges” are bogus, but to avoid litigation on the City of San Diego, he will “step down.” Bull sh-t. He’s resigning to avoid court charges and a recall effort. Being a Democrat, he’ll wait a while, then run for something else, and probably win—as two politicos in Washington are now doing after being made to resign because of sex scandals. As the mayor of Washington (Marion Barry) did. Barry ran for Washington mayor after he got out of prison in his drug charges and won. He's still on the Council. He's still a Democrat.

PAULA DEEN VINDICATED: The very lawsuit that caused the “downfall” of Paula Deen was thrown out of court the other day—completely. Thrown as far as the judge could throw it. Now does anybody think the “race whores” that caused her “downfall” will apologize and “back off?” Doubtful; these people don’t respond to reality. They probably say “she’s still guilty, we just couldn’t prove it.” This is how they work. Will she get her reputation back? Probably not. Not if they have anything to do with it.

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