Sunday, August 18, 2013

Muslims "Above the Law?"

That’s what CAIR says. They say “practicing Muslims should not be subject to America’s laws.” They think Muslims should only be subject to Sharia Law, wherever they might be. But I’ve got news for them: if they are in this country, they are subject to the LAWS of this country, not Sharia Law. Sharia Law is just a theory in this country and does not apply to ANYONE. Whatever makes them think they can introduce Sharia Law in this country? Everybody who lives (or is just visiting) here is subject to our laws as long as they are here. This is an obvious effort to slip Sharia Law past us, and it isn’t going to work.

OPRA’S PUBLICITY STUNT: She claimed an incident of racism in France in order to get a lot of free publicity for her appearance in the film, “The Butler.” And it worked: she is being talked about everywhere more than ever before; and every mention of her name includes mention of the name of her current film. Mission accomplished. Right now I’m watching a lengthy interview of her on CNN (which I watch one hour a week to see what the enemy is [or is not] doing) and they dutifully mentioned “The Butler,” of course. Even Fox is talking about her (and her movie).

HILLARY LOSES IT (AGAIN): She yells (again) at a congressman for daring to say (out loud) that Benghazi was a terrorist attack (which it was) while she works HARD to keep the LIE going that it was not. She loses it a lot these days because she knows she’s wrong and won’t admit it, not even to her closest friends (if she has any). She’s out of a job right now, and we need to keep her that way. We need to send her back to Arkansas with her tail (if she has one) between her legs.

ALL THEY KNOW IS “BAN IT!” That’s the liberal answer to ANYTHING they don’t like. Just BAN it! To keep people’s guns from being with anything, they ban certain types of gun magazines. They don’t like big cups of pop so they ban sales of any pop over 16 ounces. They don’t like guns, so they want to ban them. These “banners” completely forget that every item they ban creates a black market in THAT item; guns or anything else.

THEY GIVE SIGALS: You can always tell what liberals are thinking; they give you little signals. For instance; when you beat them all to hell on a subject they get mad. Not just mad, almost KILLING mad. They “jump up and down,” call you names, and walk away from you. Another signal is when they call you a racist; especially since Obama (you know, that half white, half black man the lazy half of the voters voted into the presidency twice) got elected. Whenever they call you a racist, you know you’ve won the argument. They have no answer for your facts, so they just call you names.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO BLIND? It’s easy to see what’s happening if you pay attention. But way too many don’t pay attention. Some are even PROUD of “not paying attention to politics.”  Do they think politics aren’t paying attention to them? What fools they be! That’s how Lenin overtook Russia and enslaved  its people for 75 years and murdered millions of its people; how Hitler took over Germany started the World War Two. Now Obama trying to do the same thing to America but people refuse to believe them, as the Russians and Germans did while a would-be dictator ruined their lives behind their backs.

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