Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Lies (Again)

He says the Republicans have never come up with an alternative health care plan to his “train wreck” health care swindle law. That’s an outright lie that is PROVABLE to be a lie.. They have come up with MANY “alternative pans” and he's rejected them all. Some without even bothering to read them. Just like Congress when they passed your abortion without reading it. This is how Obama gets things done. He thinks nothing of LYING to make his opponents look bad. What else is new?

PENN STATE INVADES PRIVACY: They’re DEMANDING employees fill out a long, involved questionnaire as a condition of employment. This questionnaire asks questions, the answers required ask things that are none of their business, such as “How often do you do a testicular exam? My answer to that one would be never. I have people for that; my girlfriend and  my doctor. In any case I would tell them I was looking for a job when I came there and I could keep on looking where they don’t stick their noses into my private business.

EMBATTLED SAN DIEGO MAYOR: He is, as I suspected, a Democrat. But I had to dig deep to fin that out. It was only mentioned as part of another story. Never in “official sites.”  I find that to be true all over these days, on both sides of the aisle. Politicians of both stripes try their best to hide the party with which they’re affiliated. Especially when they’re in trouble. It used to be they were REQUIRED to state their party affiliation in ANY political ad or document. But no more.

THEY TALK ABOUT “RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE”: And in Egypt, where “unrest” caused by the army’s removal of their Muslim Brotherhood president when he went too far, they’re burning Coptic Christian churches and physically MARKING other Coptic Christian properties for future attacks. Is there any meaning to their claims of “religious intolerance” against Muslims when Muslims do such things? They’ve lost ALL credibility on this subject. It’s not “hating Muslims” when we report things like this about their actions. It’s common sense.

OBAMA CREATES JOBS: But the jobs he creates are PART-TIME JOBS, which replace the full-time jobs there used to be. He did this by putting a limit on the hours a person must work for a given company in a week at below 40 hours. Businesses that cannot afford to obey the “way too much” rules and regulations set up in Obama’s health care swindle law predictably lowered their worker’s hours to avoid it; then Obama lowered the requirement and they lowered it again. Now, a full-time job is 32 hours or more, which isn’t enough to live on. People will have to get TWO jobs in order to survuve.

CLOWN LYNCHED BY OBAMA: Remember that rodeo clown who walked out on the rodeo arena wearing an Obama mask? What he did was completely innocuous (not an insult to Obama at all, if that made a difference) but the ANNOUNCER kept asking the audience if they “wanted to see him run over by a bull.” If there’s ANY insult there, it belongs to that ANNOUNCER, not the clown. But Obama’s thugs don’t see it that way and they saw to it that clown was subjected to a “modern-day lunching.” His life is effectively RUINED. He won’t be able to get work in his chosen profession ANYWHERE when they find out who he is. Meanwhile that ANNOUNCER is forgotten and ignored.

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