Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama Shows His Ignorance Again

He makes a speech repeating his “economic programs” for the 19th time and, in it, he calls all the “scandals” swirling around him “phony,” and he really expects us to believe this lie. What a FOOL he is to think we believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. The people whose family members have DIED because of his “scandals” would disagree. One woman who was told she “didn’t have a need to know” how her son died in Benghazi because “she’s not directly involved” wants to know how having her SON killed is NOT being :”directly involved.” How STUPID is this fool? Damn, I get tired of repeating this!

NOT WILLING TO NEGOTIATE: Obama keeps repeating the lie that the Republicans will not “negotiate” with him. That’s one of his damned lies. They’re more than willing to “negotiate,” but they’re not willing to violate their core principles in doing so. But when it comes to “not negotiating,” it is OBAMA who refuses to “negotiate” with Republicans. He will not even invite them to his meetings and refuses to even TALK to them.

MUSLIMS KILLING EACH OTHER IN EGYPT: They can’t even agree amongst themselves on a leader in some of their countries, Syria and Egypt being two of them. The government in Syria is using nerve gas on its people and Egyptian cops in civilian clothes are shooting and KILLING demonstrators. This may be the only reason why they can’t possibly win in the end because they can’t even stop killing each other!

SPAIN IS TAXING SUNLIGHT: I guess they figure to cash in on the fools who think “sun power” is the way to go and they want it NOW! We’ll never make any progress on unscrewing things up as long as fools like this are in power and making laws. They’ll be taxing FARTS next. In America, they’re already taxing cow farts. That’s right; COW FARTS! You can’t make this stuff up, folks! They’re DOING it! And they’re watching Spain, too. Soon, they’ll be taxing sunlight here.

CUMULUS MAY DROP LIMBAUGH: They may also drop Hannity. What kind of FOOLS are they to drop two of their biggest draws? People think this will hurt Limbaugh and Hannity. Truth is, they are both bigger than Cumulus ever was, and Cumulus (Second biggest broadcast syndicator in the U. S.) will be the one to suffer, especially if Limbaugh and Hannity set up their own syndication company. They don’t need Cumulus. Cumulus needs THEM.

FACT: HE CAN’T PROVE IT: Obama likes to ridicule those who demand he prove his American citizenship. But the unalterable fact is, he can’t prove it, or he would. The Federal Marshals should remove him from the white House and keep him from signing ANYTHING until he does. Not impeachment: that’s reserved for REAL presidents. He should be removed from his office in irons and FORCED to prove it. Not just ridicule those who don’t believe him while refusing to do so.

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