Wednesday, February 8, 2017

They Still Have Judges

Over the years, the Democrats have appointed many judges in the federal courts, meaning they don’t have to do much “judge shopping” to get the “rulings” they want when they can’t win any other way. One would think a judge appointed by a Republican would be more intelligent than that. But not so with the judge that blocked Trump’s executive order temporarily stopping the immigration of certain people until they can be properly vetted. I think this judge”s career on the bench should shortly be over. There are many ways to get rid of a “rogue judge,” and I’d bet Trump knows them all, or soon will.

BLOWING HIMSELF UP: A HAMAS “explosives “expert” blew himself to Kingdom Come recently while trying to make a bomb that worked. It worked, but not the way he thought it would. He won’t be doing any more thinking, or anything else, besides being the “guest of honor” at his own funeral--if they can find enough of him to put in a casket. More power to them! The more that blow themselves up without taking out innocents, the better.

SHOWING THEIR BUTTS: Democrats, apparently, aren’t above showing their butts (really) to oppose Trump. They are now planning a mass “mooning” in front of Trump Tower--as if that would change anything Trump does. He just laughs at their silly antics. Democrats are becoming more and more unhinged as Trump goes about destroying many things they thought were sacrosanct, but were only sacrosanct to them.

WAR WITH IRAN? They’re asking if “Trump is moving toward war with Iran” when the proper question is, is Iran moving toward war with us? After all those years of Obama letting them get away with murder, they think they can still do it. But “there’s a new sheriff in town,” and he isn’t going to let them do it, any more, and they just can’t get that through their thick skulls. NO Trump is NOT “moving toward war with Iran. If there is a war, it will be STARTED by Iran and might last a week, if they’re lucky.

MORE DEMOCRAT DELUSIONS: They actually think Muslims are treated worse in the United states than Christians are in Muslim countries. Haw, haw! I almost fell off my chair laughing at that! When’s the last time a Muslim was beheaded in America? When was a Muslim murdered outright for his religion? The only thing that happens to Muslims in America is to recognize the fact that they want to come to OUR country and make it like theirs. But it is typical for Democrats to paint their opponents in the worst light, true, or not. Truth, or LIE. They don’t care. If it will make their enemies look bad, they’ll do it.

GOVERNMENT OVERREACH: In Buffalo, NY, the government has kidnapped a mother’s children because she DARED to homeschool them. The cops showed up and arrested her for obstruction when she objected to them TAKING her children. This happened in AMERICA! I thought we had freedom, here. Apparently not in Buffalo, where they do what they want, and to hell with the law and the Constitution.

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