Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dems Revealing Themselves

They were caught with their pants down tying to manipulate election results and had to fire their wild-haired DNC Chair over it. Now they just may elect a decidedly inappropriate man as the new DNC Chair, Kieth Ellison, a Muslim, who thinks wildly different than do American citizens. They might as well run up a flag that says, “The Socialist Party.” Because that's the direction they're taking. Well, he didn't win. BUt the one who did made him his "second-in-command." Again proving they don't know what they're doing).

SLIP OF THE TONGUE: On MSNBC, one of the most liberal “news” organizations, Mika Brzezinsky, a cohost on the “Morning Joe” show, thinks Trump is trying to control what people think, and “That's OUR job!” Is that right, Mika? Seems to me somebody needs to school you on some basic things. Probably not your current bosses, because they probably think the same way—they just aren't stupid enough to admit it on the air.

SHE'S THE SCUMBAG: California Rep. Maxine Waters, she of the big mouth, says the Trump people are “scumbags.” But the only scumbag in this picture is Maxine Waters, herself. Of course, she can't see that. She thinks she's right, on everything. But actually, she's WRONG on everything. I don't criticize her because she's wrong; I criticize her because she's so vocal about it, with NO FACTS to back up her intemperate statements. And she has the GALL to call good people “scumbags.”

ELIMINATING “FAKE NEWS”: The Trump administration got rid of some of the “fake news” by excluding CNN, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times from his exclusive press briefing called a “gaggle.” Boy, did they cry! They think they should be allowed to publish their fake news, day after day, without any sort of retaliation. They said blocking news agencies was the first thing Hitler did, and THAT was a lie, too! The first thing Hitler did was to start a health care system (a regular socialist scheme). It might be a problem if the ban was total, but it's for only one event.

GET RID OF MAXINE: California politician Maxine Waters just called Trump and his cabinet, “scumbags.” Seems like she ought to know, since she's one of the biggest scumbags in DC. On Fox News, they just said she was “out of order” after she called for Trump's IMPEACHMENT within ONE WEEK of his taking office. Where the hell does she get off doing that? In the dictionary, her picture is right next to the definition of “political hack.” But then, that's to be expected, since she comes from the “Socialist State of California.”

DEMOCRATS ARE CRYBABIES: They just can't get it in their heads that they LOST. And lost BIG, to the man they painted as a “clown” when he first announced. They were wrong then, and they're wrong now. They still think, in their arrogance, that he doesn't have any idea what he's doing, while he is systematically “tearing down their house” as he promised to do, which is why he got elected. They got too cocky, and went too far. And when they allowed MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms, it was “the last straw.” After all the political atrocities Obama perpetrated, this was too much. And America rebelled.

ANOTHER TREND: Politicians are “waking up to reality” and making laws allowing people to carry their guns for self defense without the bother and expense of getting a “permit.” They're beginning to realize they don't have the right to limit that right for Americans. The Second Amendment to the Constitution prevents that. New Hampshire is the latest state to “wise up,” having passed a law to allow their citizens to carry guns without a permit. Eleven states already have such laws, and 16 are working on legislation to allow it.

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