Monday, February 6, 2017

War With Iran?

Those "in the know" say we're heading for war with Iran. Some say that's one of the bad things about Trump. I say it's about time. Obama's weakness has caused them to be way too arrogant, thinking their feeble military can actually beat America. Saddam thought that, too, and we "blew him out of the water" in a week. And then Obama "threw that war." They have a few missiles, and don't even have any nuclear warheads yet. And they think they can beat America, when we have hundreds, maybe even thousands? They need to be "taken down a notch," and Trump is just the man to do it.

"THEY'RE OUT OF STEP": Bloomberg's suckers, "Everytown Against Guns (or some such) says, "The NRA and President Trump are 'out of step" with the American people." Oh, yeah? How then, did Trump win the presidency against all the predictions about what the American people thought? And why does the NRA have MILLIONS of members who are concerned about their RIGHT to own and use a gun for self defense? Why do the anti-gun fools LOSE just about every time they try something?

THE ANTI-GUN FALLACY: MIchael Bloomberg, one of the most virulent anti-gun fools, lives in a "gated community" guarded by men with guns, that they CALL a gun-free zone." So do many other anti-gun fools, and many (most) of them run around, surrounded by gun-carrying thugs. But they want to deny us the right (guaranteed by the Constitution) to also have armed security, unless we can HIRE it. One Senator thinks the way to self defense is to open our borders to Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill ALL "unbelievers," while taking away the guns from its citizens so they can't defend themselves.

"GOD HATES US!" That's what liberals say about the Super bowl, which only shows their delusion. If they think God even CARES about who wins the Super Bowl, they're really stupid. But then, we expect that of liberals. They're LIBERALS, after all. Liberalism is BASED on stupidity, but they're not intelligent enough to understand that. This is typical of liberal thinking, and shows their ignorance.

MANIPULATING TEMPERATURE: I can't tell you how much I HATE to hear pseudo-scientists tell us all about how bad global warming (or climate change) is for us. What their swindle boils down to is the ASSUMPTION that changes in global temperature *(now up OR down) are caused by MAN, which they are NOT. They've helped the promoters of this swindle to make BILLIONS out of it, and done very nicely, themselves. Now NOAA has been exposed "twiddling" temperatures to make global warming look more likely. Go figure!

INSANITY OF SOME FEMINISTS: Feminism is supposed to make women EQUAL to men (or some say SUPERIOR). But some feminists are going out and demonstrating in favor of Sharia Law, under which women are treated like so much PROPERTY. They have NO RIGHTS under Sharia Law. And this is what they WANT? I've always thought feminists didn't know what they were after, and now they've proved it.

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