Friday, February 17, 2017

"Recessive Genetic Misfits?"

That's how the "Black Lives Matter" fools describe ALL white people. Isn't that very close to what white supremacists said about all black people in the past? That they were too dumb to have equal rights? That made blacks very angry, and rightly so. Isn't that blatant racism? They're working HARD to create black against white racism, and they're getting a lot of cooperation from liberals, even white liberals, who are too stupid to know better. When are Americans going to wake up and shut down this effort? Before, or AFTER blacks start hanging white people for being white? And get away with it?

IMPEACHING TRUMP? When have you ever heard of impeaching a president after he was in office only a month--or even less? That's what Democrats are contemplating for Trump. They're already spending a lot of money to falsify a case against him that can maybe be used by a false judiciary (which they created) to get him impeached. They will use that phony story about him and the Russians colluding to get him elected--never mind there is absolutely NO PROOF that it ever happened. They still insist on it. It will fail, and fail miserably. That's a prediction.

MEDIA INCENSED: Trump took the media to task for their lies in a quiet, civil fashion, and they lost their minds, according to what I heard about their reaction. Apparently, it's okay if they criticize Trump, even with their lies, but not okay for Trump to criticize THEM, even though his criticism is TRUE! They even said criticizing the media was UNAMERICAN. But criticizing the president is not.! What a bunch of dim-witted dumbos! Trump has their measure, and they'll never realize it.

OBAMA'S WAR AGAINST COAL: Obama PROMISED to "bankrupt the coal industry," and he very nearly succeeded. But today, President Trump (Oh, how I LOVE to say that!) took a first step in reversing Obama's actions toward that by signing into law legislation that reverses many of Obama's UNNECESSARY and COSTLY regulations that were "job killers." The coal industry and all the people who work in it are very happy with Trump, and so am I. The coal industry is one of the most important industries out there, and there was no REAL reason to put a damper on it, as Obama did.

IT'S A CRAZY WORLD: It's definitely crazy world when a bunch of ILLEGAL aliens could go on national TV and be interviewed AS illegal aliens, without fear of being arrested for their crime of entering this country illegally. That's just what happened on Fox News, where a bunch of illegal aliens were interviewed by Jesse Watters, of "Watter's World," where they openly admitted being illegal, one here for FORTY YEARS. Another said flat out that he did not respect immigration laws.

OFF THE DEEP END: Michael Moore is getting more strident every day. I think he is going "off the deep end" about Trump winning the election. The other day he said Trump should be JAILED (for what?) and Hillary "installed" as president! Forget the Constitution and the constitutionally directed "order of succession" it mandates. Now he says Trump is "a Russian traitor who should resign." Again, with NO PROOF of anything he's saying. We need to quit listening to this clown and just let him self-destruct.

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