Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hypocrite Personified

Leland Yee, one of the most virulent anti-gun voices in the California legislature, has been CONVICTED, of what? Gun trafficking! I guess he figured that the more legal guns he could dispense with, the more ILLEGAL guns he could sell. That this is “hypocrite personified” goes without saying, and brings into question the motives of other anti-gun fools.

ABSURD DEMANDS: Gay activists are now saying we need to “get rid of all the heterosexuals!” Of course, that ignores the fact that heterosexuals are in the MASSIVE majority. Gays are but a very SMALL MINORITY. And how are we supposed to “get rid of all heterosexuals?” Kill them? Wow! These fools are really feeling their oats! Somebody needs to sit them down and explain to them the facts of life. I have nothing against homosexuals. But I DO have something against gay ACTIVISTS who make such foolish remarks.

THEY HAVE NOTHING: Democrats are searching HARD for something to criticize Trump or any of his close associates over. Fresh off criticizing Trump for putting ketchup on his steak, they're now having a hissy fit about Kellyanne Conway putting her feet on a couch in the Oval Office. If that's all they have to complain about, they're in big trouble! Ladies often sit like that. I don't see how it could be comfortable, but then, I'm “pushing 80. I couldn't even bend my legs that way.

SELECTIVE EDITING: That's one form of blatant “twisting” of the news. And that's what the New York Times did in reporting on Trump's remarks at the GOP PAC the other day. Trump talked about gang members, murderers, and other kinds of gangsters that were illegal aliens and “throwing them out of the country.” When NYT reported it, they left all that out, making his statement SEEM to be that we need to throw ALL illegal aliens out of the country. This is the kind of “reporting” that is costing them readers and putting them into a “death plunge.

RACISM DISGUISED AS DIVERSITY: Wanna talk about blatant racism against white people? Look at what this school band in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota is doing. They've decided to stop using music composed by white people, and to do at least one song written by a female, I assume is black, or a “person of color,” as liberals call them. This is all part and parcel of the current drive to CREATE black against white racism. They SAY they want to make those “of color” in the band to feel welcome. But you can't do that by EXCLUDING white people. And what about the “feelings” of the white members of the band, who are most likely in the majority?

KIM MURDERS AGAIN: He murdered FIVE of his former officials with an anti-aircraft gun, whose bullets can tear a man to hell. An anti-aircraft gun is Kim's favorite means to kill people, though N. Korea has many methods to use, including tying a man to a stake and killing him with a flame thrower. Kim LIKES to kill, personally. Kim Jong Un is a good example of what you get when you give a CRIMINAL absolute power. He kills indiscriminately, with impunity. One former official was murdered after falling asleep while Kim was making a speech! Talk about narcissism!

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