Thursday, February 23, 2017

They Can't Tell the Truth

So the anti-gun fools systematically lie about guns. One way they lie is to cite figures from sources that KNOWINGLY lie to promote “gun laws. One such source is the Mass Shooting Tracker, (MST) one used often by the liberal media. MST openly brags about “using a different method” to define mass shootings that inflates the number of mass shootings by 10! Their method is used “to punch holes in the NRA's argument.” If you have to do it that way, you're dishonest, as is the liberal media.

LIB WAR AGAINST TRUMP: “The liberal media has been against Trump from the beginning, and it''s getting tiresome. Their criticism is over the top in its intensity.” So sayeth Lincoln Chaffee (D-RI), former Rhode Island Governor and later Senator. It gets pretty bad when a DEMOCRAT criticizes the actions of other Democrats. He sees what's happening, and is not blinded by buffoonery, as other Democrats are.

PROFESSIONAL PROTESTERS: Republicans are holding “Town Hall Meetings” in their home districts and are running into a phalanx or PAID demonstrators who disrupt their meetings, raising their signs and shouting them down when they try to speak. I think these people ought to be photographed and compared to pictures in a database, to see how many different places they appear. Then check into their finances and see who pays their way there.

NOT PROTECTED BY SECOND: The 4th Circuit Court in Maryland upheld their ban on “assault weapons” or other guns with “similar magazines,” saying, “the Second Amendment doesn't apply to them. What? Where do they get that idea? Guns are guns! Whether or not they believe it. This is simply “making law from the bench,” and they should be removed from that bench for doing it. They can't eliminate a right by simply SAYING it isn't protected by the Constitution. But apparently, they have.

KIM THE “CLAPPER”: Every time I see Kim Jung Il, current dictator of North Korea, he's applauding himself, and all his generals are clapping along with him—if they don't, they would DIE, as his half brother did the other day, an assassination the world believes he is behind. His half brother might have some claim to his “throne,” so he got rid of him, as he did his uncle, for the same reason.

READING RACISM INTO IT: This is what Democrats are doing, to try and make us believe Trump is racist, by “reading racism into what he says.” White House correspondent April Ryan accused him because he supposedly used the word “we” when taking about the changes that have been made in this country, back during his campaign. Apparently. To people like April, a politician who has the audacity to actually USE the word, “we.” MUST be a racist. Of course, when she quoted him directly, we found he didn't even SAY that! Michelle Malkin says, “Liberals see racism where it doesn't exist, fabricate it when they can't find it, and ignore it in their own ranks.”

BLIND AND STUPID: Whoopi Goldberg, has-been actress and comedienne who did manage to keep her gig on “The View,” said, the other day, “Rising health care insurance costs have nothing to do with Obamacare.” What is this, witch SMOKING? Health care insurance rates DOUBLED right after Obamacare was IMPOSED on us, while deductibles went into the THOUSANDS of dollars, and that had nothing to do with Obamacare? Gimme a BREAK, Whoopi! What comes out of your mouth these days sounds like a “whoopi cushion.”

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