Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Put Politics Aside"

I just heard somebody on Fox News say something very naive: "There comes a point where they must put politics aside, and DO something." Not for Democrats. They think what they're doing IS "doing something." They're "throwing a block on Trump." Without a Cabinet, he can't do a lot outside of signing executive orders, which they can criticize, notwithstanding Obama's use of them. That's all they've got: blocking his every move as long as they can, even with "parliamentary maneuvers."

GUN BUYERS WINNING: There's a "new sheriff in town." Trump has signaled that he will get rid of Obama's "gun laws," and make some of his own to prevent new ones from being made by the remaining liberals and other anti-gun fools still in office. So new "background checks" are reported by the FBI to be DOWN by half a million in just January of this year! That shows America's confidence that Trump will "make things right" where self defense, and the constitutional right to own and use a gun are concerned.

IT DIDN'T WORK! Democrats really thought they could deny Betsy DeVos the nomination for Education Secretary, since two Republicans betrayed the rest and voted with Democrats. But it didn't work--VP Mike Pence broke the tie and Ms. Devos has now been confirmed, to their dismay, because they fear she will actually DO something to undo all their "bad works" in education. Up to now, the Education Dept. has been literally RUN by the teacher's unions, and that is going to STOP. They hate that.

PUTIN'S A THIEF, TOO! Vladmir Putrid....er, uh, Putin is a killer. that we know. But I guess what we DIDN'T know is he's a thief, too! The owner of a football team met him once and showed him one of his Super Bowl rings. He took it and went into another room. He didn't bring it back, to this day. what he wanted with an AMERICAN Super Bowl ring, I don't know. I guess he just wanted it to be wanting it, and wasn't above stealing it. The Russians INVENTED football, ya know.

JUDGES AREN'T TOO SMART: At least, not in the Fourth Circuit Court. They just said, in a ruling, that if you have a gun, you're automatically a "suspect." Now THAT is stupid! Judges should be smarter than that. Having a gun, LEGALLY, does NOT make you a "suspect." It only makes you better able to defend yourself against the REAL suspect, the man with an ILLEGAL gun. The fourth Circuit recently ruled that just carrying a gun (legally) makes you "suspect," until proven innocent. That violates the Fourth Amendment and the "innocent until proven guilty" concept, which is LAW in this country.

MSNBC FOOLS: One fool on MSNBC says Trump "might" be preparing to kill journalists with whom he doesn't agree. How STUPID is that? Just because Putrid....er, uh, Putin does it doesn't mean Trump is going to do it, too. And it's the heights of stupidity to even THINK so. This is a horrible example of the lengths liberal will go to, to imply bad things about Trump. Things Trump never even THOUGHT of! This is one reason why MSNBC's ratings are in the toilet, and they're "living on borrowed time."

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