Saturday, February 18, 2017

What About Obama's "Czars?"

Whatever happened to Obama's extra-lawful "cabinet-level" appointments of people with certain powers given them OUTSIDE the congressional oversight designed into the Constitution? He appointed a bunch of them (I count about 30), WITHOUT bothering to ask Congress about them. And Congress let him get away with it. They "melted into the background," and not much has been written about them in either the liberal media OR the "alternative (right-wing) media. What happens to them now that Trump is the boss? And what nefarious things did they do "behind the scenes" while nobody was looking?

CHICAGO IGNORANCE AGAIN: Chicago "authorities" say "guns are racist, and are a public health issue." Further, they say that gang violence is CAUSED by "white privilege." How blind and stupid ARE these people? Guns are NOT racist, nor are they a "public health issue." And they are NOT "caused by white privilege." That's just an effort to divert blame from their own stupidity. Gang violence is caused by stupid black people who would rather shoot each other than have a meaningful discussion about their differences.

TORIES ALWAYS WITH US: We called them "Tories" back in the days of the American Revolution. They wanted to stay under the thumb of the British king. We call them liberals, today. They call themselves "progressives." Whatever they're called, they aren't too bright. They support everything that is BAD for us, and nothing that's GOOD for us. Things like allowing MEN into women's restrooms and dressing rooms if they "identify" as women. Or giving BILLIONS of dollars to a terrorist-supporting state to use in killing more people who don't believe in their phony "religion."

BUILD THE WALL? Should Trump build the wall he so fervently promised? Yes. He did promise, after all. But he should not rely totally on that wall to, by itself, "solve his problem." And I don't think he is dumb enough to do so. There should be many ways to MONITOR that wall, including cameras, motion sensors, and other things, including stepped-up patrols by the Border Control. And he should not ANNOUNCE what he is going to do, so the illegal aliens can figure out ways around it.

GIANT BACKFIRE: Liberals thought they could hurt Ivanka Trump by setting up a "boycott" of her products, and it looked like, for a while, they were going to be successful, as several major stores announced that they'd no longer be selling her brand. But then, reality set in, and sales of her products skyrocketed, now reaching number ONE on Amazon, which is a sure indicator. Take THAT, Trump haters!

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