Sunday, February 12, 2017

They Weren't Protesters

Liberals are "swooning" about the "fact" that ONE Republican got run off the stage at his "Town Hall" meeting. But what they don't know (or do they?) is that most of them are PAID activists who go around the country at the expense of the Democrat Party, making trouble for Republicans, and trying to make it LOOK like it is a "natural response." It is NOT. Most of their funding can be traced right back to George Soros

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: The judge who put the stopper on Trump's "immigration pause" until they could be properly vetted infamously said that we have "had no attacks from immigrants from those countries." That's pretty much what I expect from a liberal, who are famous for saying "there is no evidence...." when there IS. So far, 72 PERSONS from Trump's list of countries have been convicted of terrorist activities since 9/11. He just ignores that "evidence."

TWISTING THE FACTS (AGAIN): Memphis top cop twists facts to intimate a new law allowing guns in cars without a permit was responsible for an increase in gun crime. He cites 851 thefts of guns from cars as opposed to 348 before the new law, out of 2,000 stolen from all places (he doesn't mention the total stolen AFTER the law was passed). The fact remains, none of the "gun laws" now in effect do ANYTHING to reduce crime, which anti-gun fools will not admit.

THEY WENT TOO FAR: As usual, a new rule promulgated by Obama as he slunk out the White House door to "keep guns out of the hands of mental patients" also kept them out of the hands of ANYBODY who asked to have others handle their finances, but were NOT "mentally deficient." Fortunately, wiser heads have prevailed, and the Congress eliminated this rule.

THE "9TH CIRCUS" WRONG: The 9th Circuit Court (often referred to as the "9th Circus") is wrong again. (They are rightfully known as the MOST reversed court in the land, which tells us a lot about their competence and bias) The AG who brought the action had NO STANDING to do so, and they based their ruling, not on the Constitution or statutes, but on their OPINION of "what's right." They have no power to do that, Their rulings MUST be based on the LAW or the Constitution. Therefore, their ruling holds NO propriety and could be IGNORED.

THE JUDGE IS WRONG: The judge who blocked Trump's immigration EO said there have been NO attacks in the U. S. by terrorists from the countries he cited in his EO. Oh? What about the 72 people who have been CONVICTED of terrorist acts who come from those countries? It's common practice to ignore facts or deny them altogether to support biased acts. That's what this judge did. Yet his "ruling" stands, and was even confirmed by the higher court, which was equally biased. Trump should ignore them and put out a new, more detailed EO, and DARE them to interfere.

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