Saturday, February 11, 2017

Iranians Demonstrate Against Trump

Ho, hum! Several thousand Iranians "demonstrated" against President Trump. Who cares? They were probably ORDERED to demonstrate, anyway. In Iran, such things are either approved by, or ORDERED by the Mullahs, or they don't happen. And what do we care if Iranians demonstrate against our president? Not a whit. Their "demonstrations" mean NOTHING to us, so they might as well not even bother. It's a waste of time and money.

RACISM RAMPANT IN U. S.: But not the racism blacks say is rampant in this country, Apparently it is okay for blacks to be racist against whites. Colleges have racist COURSES of study that say things like "White people need to be killed," and the "authorities" do nothing. Netflix comes out with a movie that is racist against whites, and that seems to be okay, too. There is still a Black College that only admits black students, but just TRY and start a "White College" that only admits white students. They'd hear the explosion of liberal minds in Siberia!

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY: Hypocrisy is a word used a lot in politics, and for good reason, There is a lot of hypocrisy in politics that politicians ignore. For instance: politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) hate and decry voter ID, but they LOVE "background checks and "carry permits" as a means of "gun control." They fight, tooth and nail to prevent any kind of "voter ID, claiming it "disenfranchises minorities," as if they couldn't come up with a few bucks for a state ID card or a driver's license. Then they go out and do everything they can to make getting a concealed carry permit as difficult as they can, and the most expensive. What's the difference?

PROSECUTE CONSTITUTION ABUSE: Trump was elected president largely on the votes of those who wanted to retain their right to be armed in self defense. He promised to support the Second Amendment, and he could do that by instructing his new Attorney General to take legal action against states that pass laws and make regulations that infringe on people's rights under the Second Amendment. DOJ has prosecuted states in other cases involving violations of the constitution, and this would be right and proper.

NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: Liberals fight any action that impedes Muslim "refugees" from being able to come here WITHOUT proper vetting, sometimes decrying our "violation of their constitutional rights," which they don't have. People who don't LIVE (legally) in the United States DO NOT have constitutional rights. There is NO RIGHT to enter the United States without proper vetting, even from some countries that have NO proper government, and CANNOT properly vet them.

NO, IT IS NOT: CNN is saying, "Calling us 'fake news' is like using the "N" word. No, it is NOT. They're claiming this in an effort to stifle criticism, but it won't work. Everybody knows that CNN is one of the most prolific purveyors of fake, and misleading news. I won't even watch CNN--ever--because of this. I used to watch them quite a lot, because they were on where I was security, and I couldn't help it. They can't change things by trying to make us fear the "racist" label if we call them on it. Next, they'll be wanting to PROSECUTE people for saying it, like the global warming acolytes want for their critics.

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