Sunday, February 19, 2017

Even More Fake News

The liberal media is putting out stories about the intelligence community "holding out on Trump." Meet the Press" seriously asked Leon Panetta about it. And Panetta, to his credit, told them that it wasn't happening, and if it did, that was a "firing offense." There are new stories coming out, every day, questioning the ability of Donald Trump to handle the office of the president, all based on IMAGINARY "concerns." And are designed to weaken our confidence in him. It won't work.

WHITE HOUSE IN TURMOIL? The liberal media is going insane. They just can't handle Donald Trump as president. They're incessantly running stories about how the White House is "in turmoil," making a big thing over one nominee being "fired" and the other turning the job down. Like that hasn't happened to other presidents as they tried to fill their cabinets. On Trump's part, almost everything is working fine, except for the fact that the Democrats are making his life difficult by "dragging their feet" on confirming ALL his appointments. That's not on Trump, it's on the Democrats.

"YOU GOTTA BE NUTS!" If you think gun control (as we know it) saves lives! That's what comedian Jackie Mason said (with an added comment by me). Mason seems to be "the voice of reason" we sorely need, these days. There's no telling how many people gun control (as we know it) has killed, while the "gun-haters" apparently don't care. They have an INSANE hatred of GUNS and want to disarm everybody (except those gun-haters who carry their own guns, anyway, or can hire armed security).

COPS WITHOUT GUNS? Insane! That's the opinion of the outgoing commissioner of Scotland Yard in his final speech as commissioner. He decries the fact that one out of eight cops in Britain refuse to carry a gun, which is INSANE. You can't go up against ARMED criminals without your own guns, as unarmed cops in France learned, the hard way, during an Islamic terrorist killing there. If I were a cop (and I was), I'd DEFINITELY want to be armed. Intelligent people understand that. Others don't.

MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUNS: Or something like that. They held a "massive rally" in Topeka, Kansas, the other day--and 44 people showed up. I guess nobody cares about their brand of gun control in Topeka. That's happening more and more recently, as outfits like theirs plan "massive rallies" that draw very few people. You'd think they'd get the idea that fewer and fewer people give a damn about their efforts to violate the Constitution, while they're getting people killed by disarming them.

STATE DEPT. "BLOODBATH": This has been needed for a long time. The liberal appointees who believe the same way Obama does need to be gotten rid of--and the new Secretary of State is doing it. He cleared a big part of the seventh floor (where most of the State Dept. policy is made) and got rid also of a couple of top assistants, making the rest wonder if their time would come, soon. This needs to be done in ALL the government offices--get rid of those who are bent on "bringing down" the president.

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