Monday, February 20, 2017

Workers Lose Their Jobs

A bunch of HIspanic restaurant workers in Catooska, OK, lost their jobs when they didn't show up for work on the "Day Without Immigrants" day. They apparently thought their "cause" was more important than their work, so they now have no work. They think they were "unfairly fired," but what did they expect when they didn't show up for work without even calling in? If I did that, I'd EXPECT to get fired! But then, I'm not an illegal alien, so I don't expect preferential treatment.

THE WAR AGAINST RELIGION: Many people don't believe it, but there is a concerted war on against the Christian religion. The best, most recent example of it is the fact that liberals "lost their minds" when Melania Trump recited the Lord's Prayer at Trump's Melbourne, Florida rally. What reason would there ever be for that unless there WAS a "war against religion," and she infuriated it's proponents? Add to that the special treatment that is being given to the Muslims, and you have it.

"DANGERS OF ISLAMAPHOBIA": Ohio State University is holding discussions on the "dangers in Islamaphobia." This is a good example of how AMERICANS are promoting Islamic terrorism, by attempting to demonize ANY criticism of Muslim terrorists. The only "danger" there is about "Islamaphobia" is the danger of Islamic terrorists coming to kill you. There is NO other "danger." Opposing Islamic terrorism is NOT "Islamaphobia." It's COMMON SENSE, since all they want to do is convert us to their phony religion, or KILL us. "Islamaphobia" is a made-up word, DESIGNED to demonize any criticism of anything Islamic.

ANGER AT NOTHING: They're trying harder and harder for something, ANYTHING, to make them angry if they're complaining about targets in shooting galleries being black. How abysmally STUPID is that? Tell me, dumb butts, what color would YOU make them? Do you really think the people who "decreed" they be black were racists who secretly wanted people to be shooting black shapes, and pretending they're real people:? Damn, these racist fools slay me!

MANY PEOPLE AGAINST TRUMP: That's what I just heard on the radio, but what wasn't said is that, a majority of them are Democrats, and many of them are PAID to be "against Trump." This is how the news media slants the news to promote a narrative that is NOT true. They make broad statements like that, with NO attribution, and expect us to believe them. Problem is, people who pay no attention to politics DO believe them--and they vote. That's how liberals build up crowds of people to protest everything Trump does. PAY a certain amount of people to "whip up" a crowd, and lead them into rioting.

MAN WINS GIRL'S TITLE: Mack Beggs, a transgender from Texas, won the state GIRL'S wrestling title. He (she) was on steroids, in his attempt to become a REAL GIRL This fool shouldn't have been allowed to compete against girls for this title. If you have a penis, you are a MAN, no matter how you "perceive yourself." That means you're bigger and stronger than girls, and to be matched against them is UNFAIR competiton. He should never have been allowed to compete as a girl, against girls. He should be ashamed of himself, taking a win away from a rightful winner. But not in today's liberal world.

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