Monday, February 13, 2017

Anti-Gun Insanity

At a Spokane, Washington hockey game between two different law-enforcement organizations, the county sheriff came to watch. But he was denied entrance until he disarmed himself. The SHERIFF of the county! The top law enforcement officer of the county! What insanity is this? What if a criminal had brought his gun in ILLEGALLY, and decided to kill a few people? What would this sheriff be able to do? Watch in horror as his fellow citizens were killed by this criminal, who doesn't obey laws?

"PROTECTING THE CRIMINAL: This state senator in Florida says concealed carry is more needed than ever in the wake of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting. Unlike anti-gun fools, he has a brain and it's working. What if there had been a licensed gun carrier next to the guy who opened fire on everybody that day, who could have "taken him out" before he got a chance to kill a bunch of people? that would be a good thing, right? But anti-gun fools don't think so. They think it's an excuse to make even more USELESS "gun laws" that do not work and get people killed. The only people these laws protect are the criminals,

PALESTINIAN STATEHOOD: That seems to be the opinion of many; that a group of TERRORISTS should be rewarded for their terrorism by being given their own sovereign state, right next to their declared enemy, Israel. People think this will stop their depredations against the Israli state--it won't. They'll find another excuse to shell innocent people daily and do other things to kill Jews, whom they hate with a passion. You can't "pacify" wild animals, and that's what Palestinians are.

"BLACKS SUPERHUMAN": "Whites are sub-human." That's what the ignorant "Black Lives Matter" outfit says. Isn't that what racist whites USED to say about blacks? If that isn't blatant racism, I don't know what is! BLM is a racist organization, STARTED to belittle and discriminate against whites. They've become "entitled" by things Obama has said, and his scheme of calling EVERYBODY who disagreed with his outrages racist. They're going to start a race war with such rhetoric, which is wholly false and stupid. But that's what they want. It gives them an excuse to kill white people.

ISLAMAPHOBIA FUELING TERRORISM! That's what the new UN chief says. This is an excellent example of why we should run the UN out of the United States for its stupidity. Actually, it's just the other way around. Islamic terrorism fuels Islamaphobia! When you indiscriminately kill and mutilate people, behead them, and rape their women, you CREATE "Islamaphobia." If they didn't do that, there'd be no reason for anybody to dislike Muslims violently.

DISCREDITING TRUMP: The federal government is full of liberal appointees who gained their jobs during several liberal administrations in the past, including Obama's. and they all HATE Trump with a passion. They know he is going to get rid of most of them, so they're doing everything that can to mess him up. Example: the "rollout" of his EO on immigration wasn't bungled by Trump. It was PURPOSELY bungled by bureaucrats to make Trump look bad--and they have succeeded, bringing about a specious court case Trump can't win, because it's fixed by other liberals on the bench.

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