Monday, February 27, 2017

Big Miscalculation

Democrats assumed the female vote was theirs, just as they assumed other things in the 2016 election. I'm not saying miscalculating the female vote “did them in,” but it certainly helped. More and more women arming themselves and getting training that lets them be the equal to men in handing guns. Democrats assumed the female vote was “a done thing,” and it wasn't. As they gained knowledge in the use and handling of guns, it gave them a lot more confidence in their ability to defend themselves without depending on the men in their lives, they moved consistently AWAY from the Democrat Party,

BOY WINS GIRL'S TITLE: In Texas, a BOY, who “identifies” as a girl, competed AS a girl and beat a girl, to win the Texas State wrestling title. He is on steroids, as part of his therapy, which gave him a distinct advantage, in addition to his superior strength and size as a MALE, fighting a FEMALE. This fool should never have been allowed to compete against girls. It was unfair. He should have been REQUIRED to compete as a BOY. If he has a penis, he has no business competing against girls.

SHHHH, DON'T TELL: That's what Ginny Thomas, of the Daily Caller said, when she told us that, the more the Democrats disrupted things, “dragged their feet,” and put as many roadblocks in Trump's way as they could, the less the American voters liked them—as if they weren't already disliked a lot. I'm gunna tell, anyway, because I already knew it, as do most intelligent people who pay attention. The problem is, not enough intelligent people ARE paying attention—and that's the problem.

IT'S CHILD ABUSE: People are now being taught that, to teach their kids to like and respect the cops is “child abuse,” which is about as stupid as it gets. Yes, there are some “bad apples” among the cops. But, on the whole, they are the “good guys” and kids should be taught to, at least, respect them and be friendly to them. As such, when the cops instituted the “High Five Days” where kids were given “high fives” by cops, some parents objected, which is STUPID. This is "crime prevention."

THE WRONG APPROACH: Some people say the “High Five Days” program started by the Northampton, Mass. Cops to teach kids that cops can be friends, and are “normal people” in addition to their jobs to keep order should be ended, because it takes cops off the streets. But cops can be well used to befriend kids, which can KEEP them from becoming criminals. That stops crimes BEFORE they are committed. That's just as important as catching criminals AFTER they've committed a crime. It's “preventative policing.” But some people are too dumb to realize that.

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