Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frightened Snowflakes

We needn't worry too much about the "frightened snowflakes" who need to seek out a "safe place" to avoid hearing opinions not their own. They talk about "freedom of speech," but do violence (if they have somebody with gonads nearby) when they hear any, except their own. They just run away and hide. Anybody who just can't stand to hear other people's opinions aren't much to worry about. It's not the "snowflakes" we need to worry about. It's the liberals with gonads we need to worry about because when they get in the right place, they make STUPID laws and regulations that affect all of us.

WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG? Trump is having trouble getting his appointments approved by Congress. But many are still passing, and going to work for his administration. But not his appointment to the Supreme Court, the most important one of all, especially with Trump fighting a court order based NOT on the law or the Constitution. The 9th Circuit Court is clearly in the wrong on this, but the Supreme Court, as it is currently comprised, will probably approve it. The new Justice can make a MAJOR difference in the Court--which is what frightens liberals--and that's why they are blocking it.

PUNISHING ROGUE JUDGES: The judge that put a block on Trump's EO to stop certain people from coming in--which he has the power to to--is ruling on his own hook, and not on the law or the Constitution. The justices on the 9th Circuit Court, the second most reversed court in the land, compounded it, by also ruling on their liberal OPINIONS, not the law or the Constitution. There should be a way to PUNISH judges that clearly rule AGAINST the law and the Constitution, in addition to reversing their rulings.

SELECTIVE RULINGS: The 4th circuit Court has ruled that "AR-15s and their magazines, or magazines 'like' them, are covered under their "assault rifles" legislation. And are NOT protected by the Second Amendment. Which effectively creates a new way to "get around" the Second Amendment, simply by "declaring" certain guns NOT to be protected under the Second. This is not under the power of the court, but they took it, anyway.

MICHELLE AND SEXUALITY: They're making a big thing out of claiming Michelle Obama is a man, pretending to be a woman, which obliquely suggests that Obama is gay. They think her showing what they THINK is an outline of make genitals while she was dancing on the Ellen DeGeneris show wearing white pants proves their point. But it doesn't. There are other things than male genitals that could account for it, but they're too caught up in their conspiracy theory to figure that out. My question is, if she IS a man, where did they get those two girls? Are they adopted, or what? There's no record of it I can find.


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