Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fighting Action!

An "anti-life" (pro abortion) woman shoved a used Tampax into a pro-life (anti abortion) person's mouth. This is the kind of LOW actions liberals take, and if it happened to me, that woman would even now be nursing a broken jaw and the loss of many of her teeth. I don't usually hit women, but this kind of thing is unforgivable, and she is due what she gets. She has put herself in a man's position, relying on being a woman to protect her from retaliation. It wouldn't work with me. There are just some things that are too much. I've never hit a woman, but this one would have earned it.

"UNFAIR AND INCOMPLETE COVERAGE": Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway says the press "often gives Trump unfair and incomplete coverage." She's wrong. They ALWAYS give him negative coverage, and even FALSE coverage. A lot is said about Trump "declaring war on the media," but I think it's the other way around. The media has "declared war on Trump," and he is simply firing back--very effectively, I might add, which offends them.

MANUFACTURING IMPEACHMENT: California (liberal) politician Maxine Waters says, "We have to FIND (translation: manufacture) things on Trump, so we can impeach him. The only reason this bi....er, witch is still in office is because she's from a very liberal state, where they keep electing fools like her. She is actively trying to discredit Trump, for ANYTHING. And if she can't find something real, she'll make it up. She is one of the most blatant liberal troublemakers out there, and should be "sent packing" in the next election. But she won't, in California. Of course, she'll call me racist for this, since she happens to be black, as well as stupid.

PARTY OF "HELL NO!" Democrats loved to call Republicans "the party of no!" because they opposed so many of Obama's potential outrages. But now the shoe is on the other foot, the Democrats are dedicated to complete blockage of EVERYTHING Trump even proposes, even if it's something THEY promoted in the past. So we could call them, "The Party of Hell No!" and be right.

COWS GET A BAD RAP: The government has actually gone so far as to charge farmers a fee for each cow on their farm, because of "cow farts." They SAY the methane gas emitted when they fart adds to global warming....er, uh, climate change, as they now call their swindle. But why lay it all on cows? Horses fart. PEOPLE fart. Dogs fart, and so do cats, though cats hide it better. Elephants fart, and hippos fart. Every living thing that has a waste disposal orifice farts. I hate to bring this up, because the bureaucrats and politicians will just use it to screw us out of more of our hard-earned money. That's all it is: a way to screw us out of more money.

N. KOREA COMMITTING SUICIDE? Word is that people are becoming more and more afraid N. Korea will use one of its THREE missiles to send a nuclear bomb to Washington, DC. That will certainly mean the END of N. Korea. But Kim is so dense he doesn't know that. He can't even SEE it. He just likes to applaud himself and shoot guns handed him by one of his fawning flunky generals. He thinks THREE missiles makes him "king of the world." They do not. They only give him the power to kill himself and all his people. If he fires ONE missile toward DC, or any other American city, he will DIE before the missile gets here. Meanwhile, the missile will be shot down.

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