Thursday, February 16, 2017

They Don't Understand Anything!

Michael Moore is now demanding that Trump be arrested, and Hillary be "installed" as president. This buffoon really thinks that's possible! Hey, MIke! That ain't the way government works! The only way to get Trump out of the Oval Office is to come up with some REAL "crimes or misdemeanors" and impeach him, which is unlikely. Even so, there's NO WAY Hillary could be "installed" as president. If Trump was gone, there's a very clear line of succession that WOULD be used. Boy, is Mike DUMB!

HE WAS DOOMED: Kim Jong Il's older brother was DOOMED, and he knew it was only a matter of time before his thug criminal brother murdered him like he did his uncle. He was a possible replacement, so he had to go. Kim has murdered many people who MIGHT be a threat to his "rule," so why stop at his brother? Only because he couldn't kill him IN N. Korea. He had to wait until he was elsewhere, and figure out how to get around his Chinese security. I hate to think of what's in store for those men who let a murderer get close to him.

TRUMP: PERFECT GENTLEMAN: I've noticed at least TWICE that, when holding a meeting and there is a woman sitting anywhere near him, subordinate, or not, young or old, he holds her chair for her and does not sit until she is comfortably seated. This is the mark of a gentleman and pisses off hard-core feminists. He doesn't make a big thing of it, he just does it, and THEN he sits down. That's apparently how he was raised, and how he IS. This is the man the Democrats painted as a "woman-abuser" who likes to touch them inappropriately because he CAN--he's rich.

GUN GRABBER FAKE NEWS: This story was run in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and asserts that "constitutional carry" is dangerous. This is the usual gun-grabber lie, and they not only bought it, they're carrying it on further by spewing it in their pages, without ANY stats to back it up. This IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already on the streets, many of which are in the hands of gang members, who are mostly too young to have a gun, but get them easily, ILLEGALLY, anyway.

OBAMA'S BOOBY TRAPS: Obama set many booby traps to impede Trump in his efforts to "drain the swamp" in DC. One of those is the thousands of employees he saw to being appointed, who remain, even after Trump took office. And they're working HARD to undermine him, sometimes by doing an incompetent job of carrying out his orders in such a way as to anger the American people. This, they did, with his order to put a "pause" on immigration from certain countries. And it was very effective. We're STILL talking about it. They're calling it a "Muslim ban," which it is NOT, and never has been.

THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION: Popular (liberal) opinion has it that there is only one way to guarantee peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and that is the "two-state solution." It is NOT! Why should Israel REWARD the terrorism committed by the Palestinians by giving them their own state, from which to commit even more atrocities against Israel, who they have PLEDGED to destroy? Do you think that will stop their murderous ways? Don't be silly!

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