Thursday, February 9, 2017

Democrats: "The KKK Party"

Sen. Cruz came right out and said it, and the Democrats howled. Why? Because it’s the absolute TRUTH! And they can’t stand the truth coming out. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was STARTED by the Democrats to be their thugs to keep black people down. They want America to forget that, but we aren't going to, because of such brave politicians as Sen. Cruz. Additionally, Democrats FILIBUSTERED the Equal rights Amendment, and made many "laws" to make life harder on black people.

TRUMP IMPEACHED? Showing her ass again, Sen. Maxine Waters said Trump should be impeached for letting Russia invade Korea (maybe she should join the “mooning” of Trump Tower in Chicago). First of all, I didn’t know Trump had any RIGHT to stop Russia from doing ANYTHING. Second, Russia never invaded Korea. As usual, she doesn’t have any idea what she’s talking about. Like most irrational Democrats, she’s only looking for an excuse to impeach Trump.

"TURNED MY STOMACH!" That's what Chuckie Schumer said about the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Whoo, boy! If he gets sick at his stomach over a political loss, he's going to have a lot of "sick days" in the next 4 (maybe 8) years, as first, ALL of Trump's appointees get confirmed, one by one, over all the objections he can generate, and then as Obama's atrocities are reversed, one by one.. Democrats just can't understand that they LOST, and act like the MINORITY party they are. Obama made a big thing over him winning, so we're entitled to do the same.

"BREITBART OF THE LEFT": Liberals are throwing many things up against the wall, hoping something will stick. I recently heard something about a "Tea Party of the left," which fizzled. Now they want to create a "Breitbart of the left," and that is in the process of fizzling. It lost its CEO even before it got started. I don't know what a "Breirbart of the left" IS, and I don't think THEY do. which is why it is doomed to failure, just like their previous attempts to copy what is working for the right. Stay dumb, liberal friends.

IT'S A TREND: 12 states already have "permitless concealed carry" laws, and six more are in the process of enacting it (not my state yet, sadly). That'll be 18 states where citizens can carry guns for self defense without going through the purposely cumbersome permit process and pay the big fees liberals slap on it. One of the best ways to reduce violent crime is to eliminate (kill) those committing it, and that's what will happen in those states. I expect that, as time goes on, many more states will follow suit. I hope mine is one of them.

GINSBERG LOSING IT: One of the problems with giving somebody a "lifetime appointment" without a compulsory retirement age is sometimes you get people in those appointments who are suffering from senility, maybe even Alzheimer's disease, still making important decisions. Such is the case with long-time Justice Ginsberg, of the Supreme Court. She recently voiced a wish for making child sex and even child sex trafficking legal, and now she backs the elimination of one of our most cherished institutions, the electoral college. It is becoming obvious that this oldest member is suffering from faulty brain power today.

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