Friday, February 24, 2017

No Real Confidence

It strikes me that liberals don't really have much confidence in their “message” if they have to stop ANYBODY who might disagree with them from speaking, as they did in Berkeley, California, recently, and are doing in many places since. If they had confidence in their message, it seems to me they'd be willing to listen to the opposition so they could debunk (if they could) what they were saying. The problem is, they can't. They know it, which is why they want to shut the opposition up.

ELLISON'S AN EXAMPLE: Rep. Kieth Ellison—a Muslim—is an up-front reason why Americans should not even consider electing ANY Muslim to office. Not because of religion, but because Muslims just don't THINK the way Americans do. Many of them hate us, and it's impossible to tell which ones do. They revere Sharia Law, which is against everything American. Now Ellison is talking impeachment, just one month into Trump's presidency! If ever there was a “fool notion,” that's it!

MOST OFFENSIVE PERSON: I just heard an anchor on Fox News, fergawdsake intimate that Donald Trump was “the most offensive person in the universe.” I hope he was simply quoting a liberal, but why is he offensive to anyone? He is offensive to liberals because he's tearing down their house, little by little. I'd be “offended” if it were MY house. But it isn't, so I'm not offended by it. Nor are the millions of people who voted for him.

ALAN COLMES IS DEAD: He was a putz. He irritated me, just to hear him talk. But that's okay. I probably would have irritated him for the same reasons, albeit on different sides of just about any issue. Outside of politics, he might have even been a decent guy. He was wrong, on just about everything. But that doesn't make him a “bad guy.” He BELIEVED in his politics, all the way. And I respect that in him, even if I do disagree with him. I believe in my politics, too. He was 66.

LIBERAL TWISTING: They insisted on allowing MEN to use women's bathrooms and changing rooms if they “identified” as a female, which is a perverted thing to do. Young girls don't want to see a penis in their places supposedly of privacy. Young BOYS might want to see female genitalia, but it usually goes the other way. Not many WOMEN want to use the men's room. CNN host Chris Cuomo, a dedicated liberal, was asked abut a girl who didn't want to see a penis in her locker room, and he suggested it was the fault of “her intolerant father” that she didn't want to see one. A typical liberal crap response.

ELLISON A SABOTEUR: Keith Ellison, Muslim Representative and “front-runner” to be DNC Chair (typical), once said that “Black people don't have an obligation to obey the government.” That's almost as stupid a statement as was Nancy Peelosi's “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it,” about Obamacare. He's a good example of why we should NEVER elect a Muslim to ANY elective office, nor appoint one to ANYTHING. Not on the basis of religion, but on the basis of their mindset.

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