Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Choosing Another Loser

The Democrat Party seems to be determined to commit political suicide. They re-elected their LOSING majority leader in the House to be their new MINORITY leader. She of such stupidities as, "We have to pass the bill to see what's in it," about Obamacare. Now they want "Pocahotas," Elizabeth Warren, to be their new standard bearer in the 2020 elections, hoping to unseat Trump. Never mind she didn't get CLOSE to being nominated in 2016.

SHE CALLS IT COMMON SENSE: Then she goes right on to say that gun-free zones work, and there is “no evidence” to say they don't. Maybe she hasn't been around long enough to know better, but I'd say the fact that all but TWO mass shootings have occurred IN gun-free zones is ample evidence. She's obviously too young to know any better, but she pretends to “school” others from a fund of no knowledge on the subject. She only graduated high school recently. What does that tell you?

THEY CALL IT A LIE: When Trump talked about “what's happening in Sweden,” he wasn't talking about a single, major event, as the liberal media insists. He's talking about MANY things happening because of “refugee” immigrants, including looting, cars torched, and riots. That is NOT a lie. The lie is when they twist his words to mean something they never meant, and then criticizing him for it.

ALLAHU AKBAR!” That has become a rallying cry as leftists join with Islamic terrorists to fight Trump's every move. Many demonstrators against Trump are PAID demonstrators. But others don't need to be paid. They already want to get rid of Trump, because they know he can, and WILL, defeat them and their Jihad. The very fact that they do this tells us a lot about their loyalty to America.

THEY THINK HE'S INSANE! Or at least, they want US to think so, so they can get Trump
out of office with the 25th Amendment, that covers “succession.” They hope to convince the “right people” he's mentally unfit for the office. They tried that during the election too, as I remember. Didn't work then, and won't work, now. If anybody's mentally unfit, it's the Democrats, with their “Everybody Pees” commercial to support their perverted “men in women's bathroom” movement.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Liberals CLAIM they're in favor of freedom of speech—until it disagrees with their narrative. Then they riot, damage private property, even hurt people to keep conservative speakers from having their say. Even CONSERVATIVE conferences are not safe. A conservative PAC scheduled Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, and they “went insane! So they canceled it. This is “free speech?” Next, they'll be rioting to get this blog taken down.

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