Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shouldn't Even Be A Fight

This shouldn't even BE a fight. Obama's "rules change" that told his bureaucrats to put the names of elderly people who requested others to handle their finances on the "no-gun list" as a means of disarming yet another group of law-abiding people, should never have been made. Just asking others to handle your finances does NOT mean you are "mentally deficient" or a danger to society. Yet the "fight continues," as anti-gun fools line up to KEEP that rule in place, even though it is obviously patently WRONG.

SHORT-SIGHTED ACTION: The authorities went through a complicated series of actions after a "concealed carrier" came to the defense of a cop who was in danger of being murdered by a damned fool motorist, He came upon the scene while the "bad guy" was "beating the hell" out of the cop, had taken his gun, and was about to kill him. Whereupon this hero warned him, and when he did not stop, "put three" into him, killing him. They then took his gun "as evidence" and made him have to be "cleared" in the killing.

FAKE NEWS HEADLINES: "Melania is a hooker" – Jacob Bernstein, NY Times "Trump is about to make America awful again" Washington Post "President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing" Politico (Which is a blatant LIE. Trump has done more in 3 weeks than most presidents do in 8 years) "Flynn Is Exactly What Trump Deserves"NY Times. Just a sampling of the "fake news" headlines in the last week. And it's going to continue as long as Trump is president, as the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media try their best to discredit him, even if they have to LIE audaciously to do it.

NOVEL POLITICAL IDEA: Keep your promises. That is exactly what he is doing, and has done so on more fronts than previous presidents did in their entire 8 years (IF they got 2 terms). It's so common for a politician to make lavish promises during a campaign, and then make excuses for not keeping them, that nobody EXPECTS them to do so. And they're very surprised when Trump does it, to the consternation of liberals on all levels. That's why they cry so much.

CRITICIZING TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING: The liberals are "out to get" Trump and his entire family, any way they can. They'll criticize how he unzips his pants when he goes to the bathroom. Or how he holds his spoon when eating ice cream. Unimportant things they build into major things, falsely. Now they're criticizing Melania for daring to sit at the "presidential desk!" Is that something important? How about their criticism on the length of Trump's TIE? If he breaks wind, they'll accuse him of adding to global warming--er, uh, "climate change."

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