Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pre-Existing Conditions

For insurers, covering pre-existing conditions is MADNESS! It's financial SUICIDE! It takes what they do out of the realm of insurance and puts it into the realm is WELFARE. It enables a person who has NOT paid for health insurance to be DIAGNOSED with an expensive, deadly disease, and THEN buy health insurance, and get their treatment paid for. That would be like having an expensive accident and THEN buying car insurance and expecting your new insurance company to pay for it. It's RAPE of the insurance companies by politicians who don't understand economics, and is as WRONG as it gets. Yet otherwise intelligent people maintain it is a necessary thing to include in health insurance.

GUN GRABBERS' FAKE NEWS: You'd think he writers at Politico would know the difference between the Social Security gun grab and background checks, wouldn't you? Apparently not. After Congress repealed Obama's "gun grab" of seniors who asked others to handle their finances, the writers at Politico reported, with a straight face, that Congress had "repealed the background check law." I don't know if this is an attempt at "fake news"or just plain incompetence, but it is indicative of their bias.

DEMOCRATS: "USEFUL IDIOTS": One of the factors most in use by those who just want to take power over the rest of us is the "useful idiot." The Democrats have that in George Soros and his PAID rioters. One of the tactics used to great advantage by the Nazis (as well as other people who want to RULE us) is the "useful idiot." People willing to riot only, break ANY law, but also cause much property damage and even MURDER to oppose the will of the rightful leaders. That's what we are seeing in our streets today.

SOCIAL SECURITY: BIG MISTAKE: Democrats will dispute this (of course), but I say that Social Security was one of the biggest mistakes we ever made. Because it TRUSTS the government to put the money they extort from us "in a lockbox" to give back to us later on in our lives. That did NOT happen. They STOLE the money and put it in the general fund, to spend on their myriad "giveaway programs" and other government programs, leaving the benefits rightfully OWED to the elderly to be paid out of that general fund.

ANOTHER HUGE DEM CON: Bribes, under the guise of "contributions" to a foundation totally controlled by Hillary Clinton, selling access to her as Secretary of State, and later "on the come" when she became president. Her plans were scotched when she lost the election, BIG. And "contributions" to her "foundation" have dwindled to a trickle. Of course, Obama's administration did NOTHING to stop her. He wished he had thought of it before she did. Since they used it for a "slush fund" to pay for airline travel and hotel stays, claiming it as "foundation business," then spending the money saved for other things, they're now "jumping up and down" to keep the money flowing in. And it isn't.

"SUICIDE BY MULTIPLE STABBING: How does one commit suicide by stabbing himself many times? This smacks of some of the suspicious "findings" noted in the deaths of people who were about to testify against one, or the other Clintons. One of these was "suicide" by shooting himself TWICE. This guy (John Lang, Fresno, CA) revealed corruption in California, and feared for his life. He was right. He was found dead of smoke inhalation and many stab wounds. And it was "ruled" a suicide! Look at the politics. who did he hurt most? There, you'll probably find the murderer. Subverting local authorities seems to be part of the corruption for liberals. It gets them "results" they want.

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