Friday, February 10, 2017

Making Muslims His Enemy"

The New York Times says, "Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization could make the entire Muslim world his enemy." Really? The way I heard it, a majority of Muslims don't agree with Islamic terrorism, so they'd have no reason to hate him. And the Muslim Brotherhood IS a terrorist organization, and have been declared so in other countries. Besides: how much more can Muslim terrorists hate him AND us than they do, now? If he does, he will only be confirming what we already know.

GO BUY YOUR GUNS! And to hell with background checks and licenses to carry. They're unconstitutional, anyway! Now that the "Ninth Circus" has upheld the blocking of Trump's EO to have a "pause" in immigration from certain countries that HAPPEN to be mostly Muslim until they can be PROPERLY vetted, there are going to be a lot of Muslim terrorists coming in, disguised as "refugees" with orders to KILL as many of us as they can. And you can BET their guns will not be legally owned! You will need those guns to stay alive.

CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE!  Liberals call themselves "progressives," but what they are is ANYTHING but "progressive." It is SOCIALIST! Socialism, and other forms of collectivism is older than I am (and that's pretty old!). It has been proven not to work, time and time again, the most recent time in Russia, whose socialist (communist) government COLLAPSED because collectivism creates NO new wealth, depending on the THEFT from  those who do, to distribute, unearned, to the "drones" of society--who vote.

INSISTING ON A LIE: Everybody who wants to oppose Trump's EO placing a "hold" on immigration from seven countries which "happen" to be mostly Muslim until they can be PROPERLY vetted insists it is a ban on ALL Muslims, which it is NOT! Trump may have misspoken early on and SAID it was going to be a Muslim ban, but the EO did NOT bear that out. Remember, when he said that, he was a "brand new president," who had not yet learned the ropes. Those who know, helped him change his mind before the order was written. Therefore, it IS legal, no matter what the "Ninth Circus" thinks.

INTIMIDATING HIS CRITICS: CNN's Chris Cuomo says suggesting that he puts out "fake news" is "like a racist slur." Well, that's one good way to stifle those who are telling the truth! Those without spines, that is. The truth is, Cuomo IS spewing "fake news." That's unarguable. Liberals today call EVERYTHING they don't agree with racism, taking their clue from that racist fool, Barack Hussein Obama, who started the practice.

COVERING HIS INCOMPETENCE: Gov. Malloy, of Connecticut, has so mismanaged the economy of his state, he wants to minimize the damage on the backs of would-be gun carriers, by raising the fee from what amounts to $140.00 to $300.000, with a $300.00 "renewal fee" every five years. Of course, that will only bring in a few million, when his budget shortfall is in the $BILLIONS. He'll have to extort a lot more to make it up.

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