Thursday, February 2, 2017

Clinton's SCOTUS Pick

This article says that, without the NRA, we'd now be reading about Hillary Clinton's Supreme Court pick instead of Trump's. I don't know how true that is, although I'm sure the NRA had a big say in the presidential election, and will soon benefit from it, That means the millions of Americans who are members (and many who are not) will also benefit. But don't think the fight is over. NEVER think that.

GUN ACTIVIST'S DREAM: MInnesota is even now voting on some laws (introduced by Republicans, of course) that will, if passed, make Minnesota a "gun-activist's dream." There are several bills up for action, designed to "loosen up" restrictions on their citizen's tight to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. Currently, MInnesota will not allow people to defend themselves OUTSIDE their home. They're required to RUN inside before being allowed to assert self defense. That law, among others, is one they're hoping to change.

"OBAMA LACKED BACKBONE": Chris Cox, of NRA-ILA says, Obama lacks the political backbone to keep Chicago from becoming a national disgrace." He even sent them his chief of staff (Rahm Emanuel) to be their mayor, and nothing he did (which was mostly nothing) did any good. The bodies just kept piling up, while Emanuel told Islamic terrorists disguised as "refugees," that "You are safe in Chicago" while the bodies kept piling up. It's pretty obvious Trump will do better. It'd be hard NOT to do better.

"ENOUGH OBSTRUCTION": The Democrats thought they had it all "tied up" in a simple package. They thought they could simply boycott meetings at which votes could be held, relying om "rules" that at least two Democrats must be present for a vote to be taken. Not EVEN. The Republicans simply changed the rules, something the Democrats are good at, but abhor when the Republicans do it, They voted, anyway, and passed three nominees on to the full body. Democrats "jumped up and down," for all the good THAT did them.

OBAMA SCOTCHED AGAIN: Obama made a deal with Australia to take a bunch of Islamic terrorists pretending to be "refugees" in return for them accepting a bunch of South American illegal aliens. Trump called the deal "dumb," and refused to go along with it. This, of course, made the Australian Prime Minister mad, and Trump is said to have hung up on him. something that is "not done" by politicians. But Trump is NOT a "politician" and does things his way. So THERE!

NOT A WAR THREAT: The "fake news" spreaders told us Trump "threatened to send American troops to take care of the "bad dudes" down there if the Mexican president didn't do it. That's "fake news." What Trump did was offer HELP to "get rid of the bad dudes." We don't know if they accepted, but this is the way they work HARD to make Trump look bad. Anybody who buys this ignorance isn't paying attention, and there are way too many people who DON'T pay attention, only checking out the headlines occasionally. That has to stop!

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