Saturday, February 4, 2017

Peace And Love

Liberals are "all about peace and love." that's why they blew up the Berkeley campus to keep somebody with whom they didn't agree from being able to speak there. That's why there have been 12,000 Tweets calling for Trump's assassination. That's why they burned up a limousine belonging to an Islamic immigrant to SHOW their "peace and love." And that's why they call every one of Trump's appointees vile names and have violent protests of their nomination. Then there's the coward who came up BEHIND a female Trump supporter who was peacefully explaining her position, and pepper sprayed her--from BEHIND!

HATING HIS TWEETS: The left never anticipated meaningful dissension to their stupid ideas from this direction until Donald Trump started using Twitter to "bypass" the liberal media and get his message DIRECTLY to America through his tweets. Now the liberals want to stop his tweets. They're even demanding that Twitter close Trump's accounts so he can no longer Tweet and "go around" their "captive media." If they do, Trump will no doubt start his own "Twitter" in competition to them and continue happily "tweeting away." Many say Reagan was a "master communicator," but I think Trump has him beat, hands down. Of course, Reagan didn't have Twitter.

SCHUMER SHOULD WIN: I think the Academy Awards Committee should add a new award category: "Best Performance In A Political Arena," and Chuckie Schumer should be the first winner for his "crying on cue" when talking about Trump's actions. Nancy Peelosi should be a close second with her "singing performance" when her mike went out at one of her speaking engagements. There are many other talented performances by Democrats (and even some Republicans) in their efforts to derail Trump's administration.

JUST JAIL HER! No, no, not Hillary! Rosa Brooks, a former Pentagon employee in the Obama administration, says we need a "coup" to overthrow Donald Trump. Does this brainless broad not know that she just committed sedition by suggesting a "military coup" against a duly elected president? She can't be that stupid, can she? Apparently, she can. She worked for Obama, didn't she? I don't know if she quit or was fired, but we're well rid of this IGNORANT bimbo as a government employee!

DEMOCRATS: "USEFUL IDIOTS": One of the factors most in use by those who just want to take power over the rest of us is the "useful idiot." The Democrats have that in George Soros and his PAID rioters. One of the tactics used to great advantage by the Nazis (as well as other people who want to RULE us) is the "useful idiot." People willing to riot only, break ANY law, but also cause much property damage and even MURDER to oppose the will of the rightful leaders. That's what we are seeing in our streets today.

ENDING FREE SPEECH: Liberals rioted to gain "free speech" in the sixties and are now rioting to END free speech in America. This, they did in Berkeley, California the other day. They threw fire bombs, beat people up, and generally became (again) CRIMINALS to keep a man who disagreed with their stupid ideas from speaking on the Berkeley campus. The "authorities" there sat back and just watched as they did millions of dollars' worth of damage to property, and caused injury to many, to keep ONE MAN from telling his side of things.

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