Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"The Progressive Wing"

The Democrats do everything they can to keep from calling it what it is. They call it “The Progressive Wing” of the Democrat Party. But it is ANYTHING but “progressive.” It is “SOCIALIST.” That was made evident by the fact that one of the strongest presidential candidates in the last election was Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist. Socialism is a FAILED SYSTEM that depends on the THEFT of money and production from those capable and willing to produce for their own support, and GIVING that stolen, UNEARNED, to those NOT capable OR willing to earn for themselves.

ELLISON DIDN'T WIN: The gavel went to Thomas Perez, but he couldn't resist getting Muslim Rep Kieth Ellison named as deputy chair. They just couldn't bear to get rid of this fool. I'm surprised they didn't give it to Bernie the socialist. But I guess they figure they used him enough, already. When they stole the nomination from him. They went through the motions as if this election meant something. Since this party is fast destroying itself, it doesn't really matter who is the chairman or the deputy chairman while it finishes imploding.

BAD RULING: The ruling of the Fourth Circuit was wrong. They said they didn't have the power to “extend” Second Amendment protection to “weapons of war,” but actually they DON'T HAVE the power to refuse it! A gun is a gun, is a gun! The Constitution didn't say what KIND of guns it covered. And the fourth Circuit cannot eliminate these guns from the protection of the Second. Period.

GUNS AREN'T THE PROBLEM: GANGS are the problem! The politicians in Chicago haven't realized it yet, but at least one outfit examining the Chicago gun violence problem have figured out it is the GANGS, not the guns, that are the problem. If they can reduce the GANG problem, that will automatically reduce the gun problem. I guess they figured out that most of the VICTIMS of gun violence weren't “average citizens,” but were gang members, and that tells the tale.

SUPPORT FOR TRUMP? The liberals and the liberal media keep saying the country is AGAINST Donald Trump, but the figures don't bear that out. They help prove they're liars, which they've been for a long time. Trump's support is skyrocketing, in SPITE of their false reporting. They keep saying Trump's White House is “in disarray,” but it is NOT. Appointments to key posts are lagging, but that's on the Democrats, who have been 'dragging their feet” on them.

OBAMACARE IS DYING: Many people say we don't have to REPEAL Obamacare, because it's dying on its own. And they're right. The places that are supposed to be administrating it are closing, one after the other. The costs are doubling and tripling, and people not only can't afford the insurance rates, they're seeing that thousand dollar deductibles are making their insurance useless. It can't last much longer.

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