Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gluttons for Punishment

Nancy Peelosi is one of the key actors in the destruction of the Democrat Party, which is now not a nationwide party, it is simply a small "coastal party." Yet they just re-elected her to be the Minority Leader for another four years. Which proves that the Democrat Party is peopled by IGNORANT people, politicians, bureaucrats, and elites. They re-elect the very people who have DESTROYED their party for another four years, instead of finding somebody who can REBUILD it. Usually, when you have a SLUG in an office who screws everything up, you FIRE him/her. But not Democrats, which tells me a lot about them.

NO CHARGES FOR COPS: In Charlotte, NC, the DA announced that NO CHARGES would be lodged against an officer for DOING HIS JOB. The man he shot WAS armed, a bullet was in the chamber, and he DID threaten the cops. His wife not only lied about him never owning a gun, she lied about the race of the cop who shot him (black). She and other witnesses ALL lied about many things. If a cop can get charged with a crime for doing his job, we're in real trouble. If it makes a cop hesitate and GET shot, it's a bad thing.

"CALL NRA'S BLUFF!" "Enforce gun laws!" Sounds kinda simple, doesn't it? But doing so is NOT "calling NRA'S bluff." It is what they WANT! At least those laws that could DO something to slow down, or stop gun violence, that is. They talk about the NRA blocking anti-gun fool laws, and they're right. NRA does block gun laws that will do NOTHING to stop gun violence in favor of those that DO. The NRA is still waiting for them to come up with something that WILL have an effect on "gun crime." Unlike those in Chicago, which are ignored, every day.

MORE GUNS, MORE STOLEN GUNS! That's what The Trace is saying. That's like saying, "Laws against murder don't stop murder, so why pass them?" Yes, people who own guns should take more care in storing them to avoid them being stolen. But that's no excuse to BAN them from ownership, or for passing laws making them USELESS to defend yourself when faced with a criminal holding an ILLEGAL gun, who is not bothered by such rules.

IT'S ALL HILLARY: Do you think Hillary has given up, since Trump has been widely regarded as the winner of the election she was in? Don't believe it! How do you think Jill Stein is able to raise so much money in her recount attempt? Even if she's completely successful Trump will most likely still be the president, even if it goes to the House. And if she succeeds or fails, she keeps the rest of the money. That's her "payoff." If she wins, it will give Hillary more leverage.

FOX NEWS; FAKE NEWS? That's what the liberal media is confidently saying. That Fox commonly engages in "false news." Of course, they don't cite any EVIDENCE to prove it. That's because they CAN'T. There ISN'T any. As is usual with the blunt lies Democrats (liberals) tell, there's no truth to what they're saying. They just SAY it, and hope everybody will believe it. And the fools who pay no attention to politics, WILL.

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