Friday, December 23, 2016

Liberals Will Do Anything

They'll do anything they can think of to try and make Trump look bad. One recent thing was the black man who burned a church (of which he was a member) and tried to blame Trump, by spray painting, "Vote Trump!" on the wall. They caught him, but they can't seem to find a "motive" for his act. Could it just be to make Trump look bad, expressing his "sour grapes" over Hillary losing? NO! That'd be too easy!

TEACHING RACISM: "In the upcoming spring 2017 semester, two taxpayer-funded American universities – the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver – will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem." This is how liberals CREATE racism, where none exited before, to advance their false narrative that "white against black racism" is rampant in the nation. It is NOT, at least, as much as they claim. It is now black against white racism that is rising fast, at their behest.

PARTING SHOTS: Plural. Obama is not content to leave ONE "parting shot." He has to leave several. Shots he KNOWS will displease the incoming president, and he really thinks he has made provisions to keep Trump from reversing everything he has ever done to destroy this nation. His latest is a set of "regulations" designed to further injure the coal industry, the one he promised to destroy. But it isn't going to do him any good. Trump will "sweep away" all his depredations, the minute he gains office. He CLAIMS he will be "helping" Trump, while all the time doing everything he can to IMPEDE him.

"APPROVAL RATING TANKED": Obama says, "My approval rating tanked because of the fictional character of me created by Fox News and Limbaugh." He just can't seem to accept the fact that the character created was NOT "fictional," but was the most TRUTHFUL picture of him ANYBODY presented. He'd LOVE to believe otherwise, but his numbers tanking was because he failed to hide all the depredations for which he was responsible, and Americans just couldn't wait to get rid of him.

YOU MUST BE A BIGOT: "If you disagree with me on anything, it's because you're a bigot." That's the picture Obama has been painting ever since he got elected on the promise that electing him would "forever end racism in America," and instead allowed him to make it worse, while changing it from white against black racism to black against white racism and deflecting ALL criticism by people who feared being called racist. Me, I don't care. I know it's phony, and so do ALL who think for themselves--and those are the ones I speak to. The others are hopeless, and not worth talking to.

DOW FLIRTING WITH 20,000: Something that NEVER happened until Donald Trump was elected president, in November. Of course, since he is still president for a few weeks, yet, Obama will take credit for it--something he had nothing to do with. That's what he does: take credit for things others do, and claim them as his own accomplishments. He will add this to his own list, and claim it forever, while DARING anybody to differ.

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