Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Armed People Are Safer

Statistics show that people who are legally armed are safer than those who are not. This flies in the face of the MYTH the anti-gun fools spread that an armed person is more likely to shoot HIMSELF than a bad guy. They cite phony figures to "prove it, while REAL figures DISprove it. An armed person can go anywhere, confident that he/she can defend him/herself, whereas an UNARMED person cannot.

GUN LOBBY MARGINALIZING ITSELF? That's what an ignorant writer for the Athens Banner Herald thinks. He says the NRA is getting more and more "radical" all the time. But are they? The only thing they do is support our constitutional right to be armed in self defense, They say more law-abiding people should be allowed to be armed to defend themselves and others against all the millions of ILLEGALLY-armed fools out there already carrying guns. Actually, it's the ANTI-gun lobby that is "marginal."

FAKE NEWS: The liberals are now on a tear, fighting what they call, "fake news," while at the same time their "standard bearer" is putting out his OWN "fake news." He tells us that unemployment is only 4.7%. which is a bunch of stinky brown stuff, that I will not name. There are close to 100 MILLION workers OUT OF WORK, and who have lost any belief they will EVER find a job, again, so have left the job market. Obama doesn't count those people in his figures. That's how he arrives at this phony statistic.

OBAMA'S EXTRAVAGANT VACATIONS: Barack Obama (and his wife) have probably taken more extravagant vacations than any president in the history of this country, while almost 100 million people are unemployed and believe they will never fimd a job again.. They have certainly spent more MONEY than any former president. What makes them think they can take so many vacations at our expense? Because they're "better than us," and are "entitled," of course. Michelle takes over entire floors of hotels wherever she goes. She claims it's because she has such a large staff. But does she NEED this large a staff with her? Probably not. She's only the "First Lady."

"EMBITTERED" WWII VETS: The White House (Barack Hussen Obama, of course) says "Embittered WWII vets should 'get over' Pearl Harbor." What the hell FOR? To satisfy a dilettante like you who was never there and didn't watch your friends die in that attack? Next he'll be saying that "Embittered 9/11 victim survivors should 'get over' 9/11." It's probably good thing this fool cannot be elected, again, because such a statement is even worse than Hillary's "deplorables" crack, and would guarantee his defeat.

BLACK LIVES MATTER SCAM: The "Black Lives Matter" mob has come up with a scam to coin dough from "guilty white people," people who have been made to feel guilty about being white. It's called the "Safety Pin Box," a play on the "Safety Pin" movement. It involves four different kinds of "subscriptions" that require "donations" from $25.00 a month, to $100.00 a month, with a special $50.00 "subscription that will get a selected "white supremacist" the URL to a web site. What a way to scam money out of gullible Americans!

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