Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Special Kind of Stupid

An Oxford Student Union wants us to stop calling people he or she, but, instead, use the sobriquet, "ze," instead, to avoid differentiating between men and women. How STUPID is that? I suppose next they'll start insisting women not wear bras, or men not wear jock straps, for the same reason. Way to deny reality! This is the result of the incompetent liberal professors who continue to plant STUPID ideas in their student's heads.

DAMNED FOOL PROFESSORS: One professor was heard, on video (made by one of her students) to say that, "Electing Trump was an act of terrorism." An act of TERRORISM! The legal election of a candidate in a democratically-run election is NOT "an act of terrorism," no matter how much that professor might disagree. That act was a very unprofessional act on her part, and is a good example of the complete LACK of quality and professionalism prevalent in our education system, today. This professor should be summarily FIRED, if possible.

MUSLIM BURNS MOSQUE: A MUSLIM in Houston, TX set his MOSQUE on fire! They didn't say in the news report about it what his motive was, but I suspect he wanted to make the world think it was set by a "Muslim hater." The liberal media tried to blame it on Trump, but lost interest when evidence showed it was a MUSLIM who set the fire. I'd bet that half the "anti-Islam actions today are done by Muslims, hoping to blame it on others.

BERNIE: "PEOPLE SCARED AND WORRIED": Bernie Sanders, the admitted socialist candidate for president on the Democrat side (the unadmitted one being Hillary), is now saying, "People are scared and worried about their future." Intimating They're "scared and worried, since Trump was elected. Not so; what he doesn't tell you is that much of that worry has been lifted by Trump's victory, and the astounding victories of Republicans across the land. Now they have much hope for the future. What "scared and worried" them in the past was the chance that the excesses of the Democrats would continue if Hillary got elected. Now it's only Democrats and other liberals who are worried. And they should be.

HOW'D RUSSIA DO IT? The Democrats are screaming that, "Russia hacked our election to help Trump win!" But they don't give any details. Why is that? Because there AREN'T any details since their hacking efforts (if any) have failed to yield results. The Democrats are looking like whining losers--because they ARE They're pathetic. They just can't get their minds around the fact that the American people are just TIRED of being screwed by Democrats, at every level, and DID something about it.

CHINA WARNS TRUMP: They told him that ignoring the "One China Policy" could "endanger peace." No kidding! Who cares? China hasn't a PRAYER of hurting America militarily, in any way. so why are they "threatening" us? In any case, they don't get to give our president "orders." If Trump, as president, thinks that policy is wrong (as do I, and I have since it started), he has a right to do so, and to HELL with Communist China! They can go "pound sand!" Their opinion is simply not worth crap.

WHY NOT "MERRY CHRISTMAS?" Since Obama, liberals have been pushing to remove "Merry Christmas" from our lexicon and replacing it with "Happy Holidays." What a STUPID thing to do! The holiday is a celebration of the "birth of Jesus Christ," the Christian saviour. There is no other reason for it, and to do away with "Merry Christmas" is ABSURD. I have never used any other term since I began to perceive politics as reality. And I never will, regardless of my religion.

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