Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Shut Up and Go Away!

Obama has signaled that he is going to "weigh in" on important questions after he leaves office. Who cares? Who the hell CARES what ex-president Obama thinks? He will be just another American (if he ever was one) giving his opinion. His opinion is no more important than is mine, and way too many people ignore that. Presidents traditionally give their replacements some "elbow room. Bush certainly did for Obama, while Obama libeled him. So, "Shut up and go away, Obama! Nobody cares what you think. any more!" I never did.

BLAMING COMEY: Hillary has gotten a lot of mileage out of blaming FBI Director Comey for reopening her e-mail investigation just before the election. Which is a LOAD! The FBI director is supposed to be "independent," and never think about political considerations while investigating. That's what Comey did. He originally closed it, then reopened it when new information came up, just before an election, or not. She's lucky he couldn't find enough evidence to indict her.

NOT ABOUT GUN CRIME: It never has been. None of the "gun laws" made by anti-gun fools do ANYTHING to "stem gun crime." They just make it harder for law-abiding people to get their guns in action fast enough for self defense, while ILLEGALLY armed criminals IGNORE such restrictions as trigger locks, gun locks, gun safes, and the like. "Gun-free zones" have caused the death of MANY people, since that's where almost ALL mass shootings have happened. And if Obama really wanted to reduce gun crime, he wouldn't have pardoned so many prisoners in prison FOR gun crimes.

KERRY WRONG, AS USUAL: Sec. of State John Kerry echoes Obama's LIE about "Obama doing more for Israel than any other president." But you need to change ONE WORD in that statement for it to be true: Obama has done more TO Israel than any other president. As usual, Obama (and his cronies) are completely oblivious to reality if they think they've HELPED Israel, to any degree. Just the opposite is true.

DEMOCRATS ARE INCREDIBLY STUPID! They lost BIG in the most recent election, on all levels. They also lost in the previous two elections. Obama's "progressive" (socialist) policies have DECIMATED the Democrat Party. They have lost THOUSANDS of legislative and governor seats, all over the country. He has caused Republican Trump to have a Republican majority in BOTH houses of Congress while relegating them to a small "coastal party." Yet they want HIM to stay in DC and "fight Trump." Stay stupid, Democrats. You can save the country that way.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS CENSORSHIP: Pure and simple. It is a way to cause those of us who are wimps to SELF censor ourselves. They put out words and phrases that are not "PC," and we're supposed to "knuckle under" and not use them. In this way, they can better CONTROL all criticism of their actions. I don't subscribe to "PC Speech," and never have. If they tell me not to use a word or phrase, I make a point to use them as often as possible. The more they hate it, the more I DO it.

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