Thursday, December 8, 2016

What's In A Name?

Islamic terrorists like to hide behind many names. But even as a rose is still a rose under any other name, and a maggot is still a maggot, whatever you call it, so are Islamic terrorists all the same, under whatever name they use. ISIS has transcended al-Qaida as the premier Islamic terrorist organization, but many of the same men who were in al-Qaida in its heyday are now in ISIS. They're all the same murdering, raping bast-rds, no matter what name they use.

HILLARY'S 3 VOTES: The recount in Michigan is over, and Hillary gained three votes. Meanwhile, Trump gained SIX votes, making it a net LOSS of 3 votes for Hillary in Michigan. I don't think that's the kind of result Hillary was looking for when she saw that the Green Party candidate got the money to force those recounts, I'm waiting impatiently to see how many net LOSSES she takes in the other states.

"DIVIDED STATES" OF AMERICA: That was the headline on the issue of Time Magazine" that named Donald Trump "Person of the Year." They did that as if Trump was the man responsible for that. But, as Trump wisely noted, he is NOT president, yet, and so he cannot be responsible for that "division." The man MOST responsible is Barack Hussein Obama. Before that, it was Bill Clinton, and his wife did everything she could to further divide this nation during her presidential campaign.

ON THE OFFENSE: Donald Trump is IN FAVOR of gun rights, to the consternation of the Democrats who want to make us all DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of the "bad guys," who want to attack us. So the pro-gun people are "on the offense" and one of their first targets is "gun free zones," which do NOTHING to stem gun violence, but get people killed by disarming law-abiding people.

"DEAD IS BETTER": The president of Ohio State University (OSU) would rather see his students injured or KILLED by attackers, than allow people to be on campus with LEGAL guns. He likely wouldn't put it that way, and he would probably vehemently deny it. But that's what his policy amounts to. He points out how quickly the cops arrived, but fails to note how rarely that happens. The few minutes it normally takes for cops to get there would allow much mayhem in those few minutes.

CAUGHT 'EM! CNN has slandered Republicans as "raging racist opposition" in the Obama legacy special. Surprise, surprise! They called them racists! Meanwhile, some of CNN's black employees are suing CNN for racial discrimination. I guess CNN should know what racism looks like. all they have to do is look in the mirror and they'll see it. It's hypocrisy, but that's what I expect from liberals, who think all opposition is racism, but fail to recognize racism in themselves.

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