Wednesday, December 7, 2016

$125 Billion Blunder!

The Pentagon worked HARD to hide the fact that they "lost" $125 billion dollars (I wonder whose pockets they "lost" it into). But you never heard about it, because it was an OBAMA blunder. Maybe not his, personally, but it was a blunder of responsibility. As president, he should have been aware of it, and probably was. But this "transparent president" kept it from you. Now that we have a new president, Obama let the news out, for Trump to deal with. But it remains Obama's blunder, whether or not he likes it.

BIDEN IN 2020: Ol' Joe (Mr. Foot In Mouth) has signaled that he will run for president in his own right in the 2020 election. Since he was bypassed in favor of Hillary in 2016, he feels it will be "his turn" in 2020. But consider this: he will be 78 in 2020, so look carefully at his VP pick IF he gets nominated, because he (or she) will probably become president after Biden dies in office. I feel bad for him, even if I wouldn't ever want him to be president. He thought he was "next," but he didn't reckon on Hillary.

"BACKGROUND CHECKS WORK": That's what the anti-gun fools say, anyway, based on a PRELIMINARY study involving a very few "school shootings" that even the researchers say is only PRELIMINARY, and not to be considered as definitive. But the anti-gun fools treat it as if it WERE definitive, and "the last word." That's how they twist things to prove something that does not exist, in their quest to disarm all Americans in spite of constitutional guarantees.

HIS CRYSTAL BALL: That must be what Michael Moore is consulting when he says the Democrats are the "majority party" and will be able to stall everything Trump attempts. If that were true, Hillary would have won the election, going away. She didn't. She may have STOLEN some votes, enough to get more popular votes than Trump, by encouraging illegal aliens to ILLEGALLY vote for her, but that's not how we elect a president. She LOST in the Electoral College, which is the only place that counts.

"INCONVENIENT FACTS": That's what liberals are calling "fake news" in their "crackdown." Any news they don't like, they'll call "fake news," of course. Then they'll be constantly putting out their own "fake news," which will not be called that. Like Obama claiming that the economy is "going great guns" while almost 100 million people are not only out of work, but who have given up ever finding a job, and have left the work force, allowing Obama to cite his phony figures.

"FAKE NEWS EPIDEMIC": The liberals say they're starting a "crackdown" on "fake news" while they, themselves are the worst offenders. Starting (in memory, anyway) with the "hands up, don't shoot" lie in Ferguson, MO to the charging of six cops in Baltimore with murder for doing their job, and their effort to dismiss the "inconvenient fact" that blacks DO commit more crimes than do whites, and shoot people more often, leading to them outnumbering whites in prison. A simple look at the stats will prove that lie. What they're going to do is DEFINE truth as lie, when they don't like it.

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