Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Fake News" Is Fake

The liberal media doesn't like competition. They've resolved to eliminate what they call "fake news." The whole thing is an effort to marginalize the alternative media by calling them liars. They're going to rely on a known liberal outfit, Facebook, to decide just what IS "fake news." Actually, the liberal media doesn't need any help in defining fake news. They know what it is, they PRACTICE it, every day. All it is, is a way to shut up the opposition.

"30% REPUBLICANS LIKE PUTIN": That's what "liar Obama" said, the other day, What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! I don't know where he gets that dung, but it CAN'T be a reliable source. Anybody with a lick of common sense (which doesn't include most Democrats) is aware that, uh, Putin is a dictator and a murderer, and there's NO WAY they'd approve of him. Obama must be living in his own little dream world.

ROOT GOT HIS GUN LEGALLY: Even though, in the State of S. Carolina, just being charged with a felony bars Dylan Root (The Charleston mass murderer, recently convicted, who killed several people at one time) from such a purchase. He filled out the required federal form alleging he was able to buy a gun, and the felony charge pending in court was not noted by those receiving the paperwork, so the background check passed. It was a case of bureaucratic oversight (incompetence),

CHICAGO AS "WAR ZONE": In Iraq in 2008 (a real war zone), 314 soldiers were killed. In the same year, 509 people (mostly gang members, but also innocents, hit by stray bullets) were killed in Chicago. The police chief was FIRED last year because of it, but the killings continue, unabated. Mostly because the liberals running things there can't figure out that banning guns is NOT the answer. The national death rate is expected to be 13% next year, with HALF of that accounted for by Chicago.

BUILDING A MOSQUE: Whenever a Muslim group can't get permission to build a mosque, they cry like babies. They accuse people of all kinds of things, including "religious persecution" and "hate." But you just TRY to build a Christian church in a Muslim-controlled country and find out what religious persecution is like. They're the WORST religious persecutors in the world, and have NOWHERE to talk about religious persecution.

PROVING THEIR IGNORANCE: Every day. Liberals go overboard in their efforts to "diss" Donald Trump. Now Slate (a well-known liberal rag) has compared him to mass murderer Dylan Root. I don't know what their reasoning is to do that, but I know they HAVE no reason, OR logic. Liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of reason, AND logic. Probably because they don't know how to operate within its confines.

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