Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Josh Earnest Is Upset

Upset that Obama has not been recognized as the most "transparent" president in history. I know it doesn't take a "stupid test" to work for a liberal president, but one would certainly help. I guess they don't have any trouble hunting among Democrats to find people that are that "special kind of stupid" it takes to BE a Democrat. Hey, Josh! The reason he hasn't been recognized as "the most transparent" is because he ISN'T. Even you should be able to figure that out.

AND CAIR CARES A LOT: CAIR says Trump's election has "caused physiological stress and mental health issues." Izzat so? And, of course, CAIR really cares a lot about that, don't they? They support Islamic terrorism, and that causes more stress and mental issues than anything. As long as Obama is in power, CAIR won't be recognized as the Islamic terrorist supporter it is. But a new president is coming in, and that's going to be "bad news" for a lot of people, and CAIR is on that list. Only liberal "snowflakes who need "safe places" where they won't have to hear OPINIONS different from theirs will be affected.

OBAMA IS DELUDED: I don't think I've ever seen a president as DELUDED as is Obama. He is now saying that he has "made America more respected in the world than any other president." How STUPID he must be to think anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE would believe that! Just like his statement that he had done more for Israel than any other president. But the Israelis know better--and they also know how futile it is to convince Obama otherwise. More BS from Obama: "I would have beaten Trump if I could have run!"

"IT'S IN THE WAY!": Supporters of the UN action to "criminalize" Israels "settlements" program say, "It's in the way of a two state solution." But who are they to say a "two state solution" is the way to go? Israel certainly disagrees, and it is their country Palestinians want to TAKE a part of, and have committed many atrocities, such as random rocket shelling on a daily basis, to accomplish. Palestinians maintain that Israel TOOK that land from them, but that's bullderm. It was NEVER theirs.

"MINISTRY OF TRUTH": One of the famous establishments portrayed in George Orwell's prophetic book, "1984," which was created to change LIES into "truth." But one of Obama's "last shot" actions is to create his own "Ministry of Truth," in a measure BURIED in the "Defense Appropriations Bill," a "time-honored" way to get something passed into law with nobody knowing about it until too late. It has now passed, and it IS too late, unless Trump can get it repealed, as soon as possible. Frankly, I doubt most Republicans even knew it was in there, the way they pass bills into law without bothering to read them. What this law amounts to is CENSORSHIP, in violation of the Constitution.

MALL FIGHTS: You've probably heard about the fights in malls across the country. We had one here in Aurora, CO, at a mall about mile from our old place in Aurora. It got so bad they put out a "city-wide call" for cops, who quickly quelled it, and arrested several teenagers, the ones who ORGANIZED it on the Internet. I'd bet money that liberals (Democrats) will try and blame it on Trump. I'd also bet that it was a Democrat idea, organized by Democrats, USING gullible teenagers, who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything.

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