Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Media Doesn't Care"

A man murdered a 14-year-old boy in Philly, and the liberal media doesn't care. Why is that? Because the murderer is black, and the boy is white. To report it doesn't advance their narrative that most murders are whites murdering blacks. It's a false narrative, but one they push HARD. It is the "fake news" they PRETEND to be "cracking down on." I'd like to say it all started in Ferguson, MO, with the death of that criminal giant, Michael Brown. But it began way before that. Brown's death is just the best known case of "fake news" on the part of the liberal media.

MASS SEX TRAFFICKING: Liberals think the brown stuff dropped by Muslims doesn't stink. They pretend that we have no reason to dislike what Muslims DO, and what they ARE. But theirs is a "rape culture" where sex with CHILDREN, male and female, is a "cultural thing,". and to export it, they engage in child sex trafficking in the countries where their "refugees" go, as they have discovered in Europe, involving Muslim "refugees."

MEDIA DOUBLE STANDARD: Whenever the liberal media talks to Ivanka Trump, they ask her how she feels about how Trump treats women. But when they talk to Chelsea Clinton, they never ask her how she feels about how HER father treats women. It's such an obvious double standard, I shouldn't even need to call attention to it. But with so many people "not paying attention," I have to hit them between the eyes to get their attention.

MORE "FAKE NEWS": Some people are asking why I seem to be "harping" on the fake news subject. They just refuse to understand that the liberal media is "harping" on it, and falsely labeling sites like mine as spreading 'fake news," while they, themselves are spreading it. I'm like Trump. I don't take that sort of thing lying down. I fight back. And as long as they spread that horse manure, I'll be doing items about THEIR "fake news."

"MITT ROMNEY FIRED": Trump chooses somebody else for Secretary of State. That's a good thing. I'd have been disappointed in Trump if he had chosen Romney. Just as I thought, he was only talking to Romney as a "red herring" to throw everybody off while he looked for a REAL candidate. This Trump is no dummy, and the liberals had better learn it. He has made them look like the fools they are, right along. And the "saga continues."

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