Monday, December 5, 2016

Dump Him In Garbage

Fidel Castro is to be "laid to rest" today (as this is written). I don't know why they're making such a "big thing" of it. He is roundly HATED by All Cubans except his cronies because he is a mass murderer who executed thousands of his citizens and made an "island prison" out of Cuba. A place that thousands of people risked their lives *(with many LOSING their lives) to escape. So now he's dead, they ought to just "throw him in the dumpster" with the rest of the garbage.

DEMOCRATS ARE DOOMED: They did it to themselves. Nancy Peelosi "presided" over the last three elections, that her party LOST big, in all three. Especially the one in 2016. though they thought it was "fixed." Yet they re-elected her to another term as minority leader. Remember, this is the fool who confidently told us we would "have to pass the Obamacare bill to find out what's in it." Meanwhile, they're promoting a Muslim extremist (not just a Muslim) with ties to Muslim extremists to be in charge of the Democrat Party. They've done everything they can to destroy their party, whether they know it. or not. Probably not. They aren't too intelligent, obviously.

END "GUN-FREE ZONES": That's what Donald Trump needs to do, and what he has PROMISED to do. Gun-free zones serve NO useful purpose. What they do is create spaces where would-be shooters can be pretty sure there won't be anybody there to oppose them when they bring their guns in to kill people. EVERY mass shooting so far has been in a "gun-free zone." But will the anti-gun fools see sweet reason and get rid of them? Not a chance. They aren't intelligent enough.

"DON'T CARE ABOUT POLITICS": It infuriates me to hear people say this. They don't realize that, even though they don't pay attention to politics, politics WILL pay attention to them! Politics raises their taxes, and if they ignore it, their taxes will continue to go up, until taxes consume ALL their earnings. Politics protects, or does not protect their freedoms. Ignoring it will guarantee that politicians will be able to further limit their freedoms until they're GONE.. Ignoring politics is STUPID. It allows politicians "free rein" to screw them over--and they do, as long as we let them.

IT'S A LOAD OF GARBAGE: Like their "study" that showed that a majority of
Americans FAVORED gun control (which they don't), it's a load of BS that a recent "study" showed that only 25% of Americans want Obamacare repealed. It's a typical effort to "create news," and is an old, time-honored Democrat swindle to come out with a "study" that shows what THEY want to show, in opposition to the TRUTH. A MAJORITY of Americans want Obamacare repealed, which us one reason why Trump won, BIG. He PROMISED to do it. If he doesn't, he'll be gone in the next election.

CASTRO'S JEEP BREAKS DOWN: I guess you know, by now, that the old, WWII Jeep they used to pull a wagon containing Fidel Castro's ashes broke down, and had to be pushed by a bunch of soldiers, even though the liberal media roundly ignored it. But the "alternative media" didn't. The breakdown is a testament to the breakdown of Castro's politics, that have kept his country mired in the fifties. You'd think they'd at least pick a vehicle that wouldn't break down for that purpose. Or maybe they don't have any.

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