Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Drug for "Snowflakes"

Mike Opelka, a radio personality, has unveiled an ad for a new drug available for "snowflakes." Those fools who get frightened whenever anybody has a different opinion than they do. It's called "Growacet," and the name itself is self-explanatory. It's designed to help "snowflakes" harden their spine so they can actually withstand ideas other than their own, rather than "run and hide." It's a joke. Would that such a drug were actually available.

BERGHDAL WANTS OBAMA PARDON: He disobeyed the law, went AWOL for five years, collaborated with the enemy, and CONNED Obama into paying a ransom so he could return home without problems. But he underestimated the intelligence of the American people, who have brought charges against him for his desertion. They should have also brought charges for his CON that fooled Obama into "paying ransom" for his return, and for collaborating with the enemy. Now he wants his "friend" Obama to pardon him while he is still in office, because he knows he hasn't a prayer of getting a pardon out of Trump. And he'll probably get it from Obama.

HILLARY WINS! At least, that's what Newsweek (Newsweak) thought, right up to the time election results were posted. They already had an entire issue, printed up, boxed and ready to ship, when they got the "bad news." We laughed like hell when newspapers came out with a phony headline, "Dewey Wins!" way back when. (Yes, I remember it. I won a five dollar bet with my father that Truman would win. I was FIVE.) This is even funnier.

COMMON SENSE SETS IN: Students on the Ohio State University (OSU) campus are now demanding the right to be armed, to defend themselves against people like that fool who started stabbing people, right and left, until a "good guy with a gun" came along and killed him. Those fools who hate guns immediately started their whining to further disarm people after that happened. They're obviously not too bright if they used a KNIFE attack to promote their efforts to take away a constitutional right.

TONY THE TIGER IS OUT! At least, as far as I, and many others are concerned. The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, which maintains close financial ties to the Kellogg Company, makers of several popular cereals, has given at least $930,000.00 to support the activities of a subversive organization, "Black Lives Matter," which openly supports the ambush slayings of cops, everywhere. I don't like boycotts, and I won't call it that, but I will no longer buy ANY cereal--or other product--from the Kellogg Company because of their STUPIDITY. And I'll bet a BUNCH of other people will follow suit.

WWIII IS UPON US! There are many people out there who are "afraid" that World War III "might" be approaching." They're wrong. WWIII is already here! But our current president will not even recognize it, which is either evidence of his complete incompetence, or his wish that the Islamic terrorists win. And I don't think he is incompetent. I think he IS a Muslim radical, a communist, and WANTS America to lose a war with radical Islam.

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