Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Be Heroes! Vote gainst Trump!"

That's what /democrats and Hollywood celebrities are telling Electoral College electors, trying to get them to be TRAITORS AND go against what their JOB is--to vote according to how their STATE voted in the election. That's such an obvious attempt at voter intimidation, it isn't even funny. And those who are doing it need to be prosecuted for it. Intimidating voters in the general election is one thing, and it's illegal. But this is worse, because each vote is more powerful than in the general election because there are so few of them, and to vote otherwise is the act of a TRAITOR, not a hero.

HILLARY'S FEELINGS HURT? Huma says Hillary is mostly keeping to herself these days, "weeping and wailing" over her abysmal loss in the election. Did you know she got the LEAST electoral votes as has ANY losing presidential candidate, in history? I "feel for her," but I can't seem to reach her. It is said she is considering another run in 2020. Surely not! Is she that much of a glutton for punishment that she wants to suffer it, a THIRD time?

MILWAUKEE POLICE CHIEF LIES: He's an anti-gun fool, so why is anybody surprised? He says he "can tell us anecdotally (meaning, he can't back it up with facts), that "there are many shootings involving concealed carriers--and many of them are career criminals." And Milwaukee County sheriff Clarke "calls him" on it, saying, "He's a lying bast-rd." In Wisconsin, as in all other states, people with criminal records can't GET a concealed carry permit, unless they LIE on their application and are not caught--which might be a factor in the City of Milwaukee with such a police chief.

"EVERYTOWN" LIES: It's no big news that "Everytown Against Guns" (or something like that) LIES. They lie every day in their attempts to make law-abiding citizens DEFENSELESS against ILLEGAL gun-wielding fools wanting to victimize them. But this time, they can't get out of it. They said 200 school shootings have happened since Sandy hook and even provided a list they hoped nobody looked at too closely. That list, which was regurgitated uncritically by The Huffington Post, included drug killings NEAR schools, murders of school officials in their offices for reasons not connected to the school, and gang shootings, again only CLOSE to a school.

ARPAIO STILL WORKING: Sheriff Arpaio may have been UN-elected in the last election, but he's still hard at work. His people have found NINE points of forgery in the phony birth certificate Obama provided in response to demands. Obama may have gotten rid of him as sheriff, but he's still "working on him," and can still come up with some things Obama will not like very much before both of them "ride off into the sunset."

WHAT ABOUT CHELSEA? Liberals are talking now about a "report" that Donald Trump is "sleeping with his daughter." I've always wondered how LOW you could go in politics, and the Democrats have just answered that question for me. They can go as low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean. I notice they don't ask Bill Clinton if he ever slept with Chelsea, and that's much more likely than Trump sleeping with Ivanka, since Bill will screw anything in skirts, and maybe not that, all the time.. Of course, they have NOTHING on which to base this accusation, but that's not unusual when it comes to Democrat accusations against Republicans.

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