Saturday, December 3, 2016

White Supremacist Equals Racist

To Democrats, the words mean the same thing. they're synonymous. EVERYTHING that opposes Obama or anything liberal is "racism," according to them. They have made the term WORTHLESS due to overuse. Obama told us if we elected him, it would END racism forever in this country, Instead, it has INCREASED it, and created a new form of racism, black against white racism, and that seems to be not only legal, it is APPROVED by his government.

"LEAST SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE": A New York Times columnist says Trump is "the least successful candidate ever." How he figures that, I have no idea, since Trump had more success as a candidate than ANY candidate in the history of candidacy. More votes than any other candidate in history, too. Except, of course, for Hillary, who got 2 million more illegal popular votes because of all the illegal aliens who voted for her.

POOR BABIES! Liberals are really "snowflakes." They're terrified at a painting of some Ku Klux Klan members. At Salem State, they had an art show that included a painting of a few KKK members, that caused such an outcry against it by the wimp liberals attending they put a curtain over it, so that students would know what they were going to see before going behind the curtain and seeing it. If they thought that might "trigger" them, they could avoid it. Poor babies! And these fools think they can prevail against real human beings?

A LOSING BATTLE: Without Mike Bloomberg's millions, the anti-gun lobby wouldn't amount to much. Even WITH his millions, it doesn't amount to much. His latest efforts in two states (Maine and Nevada) resulted on one loss, and one victory, after outspending his opponents by 3 and 6 to one. He spent $20 million in Nevada, and lost. Maybe he'll eventually learn that a majority of Americans are dead set AGAINST his efforts, which is why he has lost so much. But I'm not holding my breath. Turning blue doesn't appeal to me.

FIGHTING AN IMPOSSIBLE LAW: There is no technology to EFFECTIVELY "microstamp" ammo (it can be beaten with a nail file) and two organizations are suing to prevent "enforcement" of this impossible law. It was "thrown out of court" once, but has been reinstated, to the consternation of the fools in the California government who got it passed, and want it enforced, unenforceable, or not..

TRUMP DOES HIS THING: And to hell with liberals (Democrats)! If they don't like him having the temerity to actually ACCEPT a call from a leader in Formosa congratulating him on his victory, they can "pound sand." He couldn't care less what they think. If he wants to do a thing, he does it. And to hell with liberals! That's the way it's going to be for the next 4 (maybe 8) years, so get used to it! Accepting China's "one China policy" has always been a Democrat betrayal of the rightful China government, anyway, and ought to be reversed. Trump has that power.

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